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Macau trip - 28 Dec 06

Today, we are going to Hac Sa Bay 黑沙湾,Coloane village 路环市区,Taipa village 氹仔市区 (pronounced as dam zai). One of the reason why we choose Kingsway is because it has a bus stop right in front which is very accessible. However there is no direct bus to Hac Sa Bay from the hotel bus stop, hence we have to change bus at Lisboa Casino.

You can look out for the bus itinerary at every bus stop. However, do not bother to count the number of bus stop between the boarding and destination bus stop as the bus may not stop at every bus stop and never trust the bus stop on the map cos not all are 100% accurate. The best way is to ask the bus driver as most of the bus drivers understand Chinese and they are very helpful. I think most of the times when we didn't ask the bus driver, we either alighted few bus stops before and had to walk a distance or we missed our bus stop and had to take a bus back.

This morning, we alighted few bus stop before and we couldn't find the bus that we wanna change to Hac Sa Bay. We walk around and ask a policeman for direction. We walked pass this famous casino - Lisboa Casino. We didnt step into any casino in Macau during this trip as I feel that there is nothing much to see in casino.

Lisboa Casino

Finally, we found the bus stop that we can board for Hac Sa Bay. The bus fare in Macau peninsula is a flat rate of HK$2.50 regardless of distance and destination. However from Macau peninsula to Hac Sa Bay is HK$5. 澳门有两种巴士,小巴和普通巴士。不过更香港的小巴比起来,澳门的小巴有固定的路线,也会停在巴士站,不像香港的小巴。唯一的共同点就是巴士司机很鲁莽。


My sis & I on our way to Hac Sa Bay

There are 3 bridges linking the Macau penisula to Taipa island. Out of the 3 bridges, I prefer the Sai Van Bridge 西湾大桥 but compared to Hong Kong 青马大桥, I still prefer 青马大桥.

Sai Van Bridge

Finally, we reach Hac Sa Bay 黑沙湾. What is so special about this beach? The sand are black that's why it's called 黑沙. 据说,黑色的细沙是由于海洋特定环境形成的带黑的次生矿——海绿石所致。海绿石受海流影响,被搬运至近岸,再经风浪携带到海滩,使原来洁白明净的白沙滩,变成迷人神秘的黑沙滩。

@ Hac Sa Bay

This is the post box where you can also buy stamps.Selfie
在黑沙海边的停车场,有两排松树,有点像冬季恋歌的南怡岛 Nami Island.

Our next destination is Coloane Village 路环市区. Although both Coloane Village and Hac Sa Bay are on Coloane Island, the bus fare is still a flat rate of HK$5.
Inside the bus

We reach Coloane village and right opposite the bus stop is the famous Lord Stow egg tart. It's already 11am and we didn't ate anything for breakfast so we are very hungry.
Bus stop of Coloane Village

We ordered 2 Portuguese egg tart, 2 drinks and a plate of tuna and potato. The egg tart was so delicious that we even buy 2 more for our breakfast tomorrow. The egg tart cost HK$6 ~ S$1.20 which is not expensive at all.
Lime juice & papaya milk shake
Yummy yummy Portuguese egg tarts


Potato and tuna
Hmm... so delicious....

After leaving Lord Stow Garden Cafe, we saw the President A.R.Eanes Square. 这个地方蛮熟悉的,这里就是韩剧 《宫》大结局里,彩静和信吃蛋挞的地方。

President A.R.Eanes Square 恩尼斯总统前地

原来Lord Stow 有3间分店, 全部都在路环市区里,走几步路就行了。
Another Lord Stow bakery


China in the background

这间教堂也很熟悉, 因为它也出现在韩剧<宫>大结局里,彩静和信结婚的教堂, 不过教堂里面并不是他们结婚的那间教堂.


Church of St. Francis Xavier 圣方济各教堂

After visiting Church of St. Francis Xavier, we decided to go Taipa village as there is nothing much more to see in Coloane. We waited for about an hour for this bus no. 15! For those who want to visit Taipa village, just take any bus which will stop outside stadium and take a 5 min walk to Taipa village. Although the map indicates that there are direct bus to Taipa village but I think now the bus no longer stop at Taipa village. We waited for so long for bus no. 15 to take us to Taipa village and in the end we didn't alight at the stadium bus stop and we take the bus all the way to the interchange. We didn't ask the bus driver so that's why we didn't alight. In the end, we took another bus from the interchange and ask the bus uncle to inform us to alight at Taipa village. For those who want to go to Taipa village from Coloane village, I think there are about 3 buses cos all the buses do stop at the stadium bus stop, don't need to wait for bus no. 15 which is a super long wait.

On our way to Taipa village, we passed by Coloane Taipa Causeway. There is reclamation on both side of the causeway and this stretch is called Cotai 路氹 (named from a combination of Coloane n Taipa). The stretch is under construction as Macau is building a stretch of casino like Las Vegas.

Under construction

Finally, we reach Taipa village. There is this street - Rua Do Cunha 官也街 which sells a lot of cookies so can either buy here or buy at Leal Senado Square 议事亭 which is near St. Paul 大三八. We bought almond cookies here from this shop 钜记手信 where we can try the cookies before buying. Actually there are 2 famous shop which sell almond cookies – 钜记手信 & 咀香园饼家 but i don't know which one is nicer.

Rua Do Cunha 官也街
Panda restaurant

在走去Taipa museum住式博物馆, 可以见到欧式的屋子 , 连路灯也装饰到很美, 不过我还没找到我喜欢的屋子. 我要找的屋子在哪里???

Lovely street

Actually there is nothing much to see at the Taipa museum, only 5 such houses along the coast. I think previously the museum are along the coast but now there is reclamation opposite the museum, so there is only a lake in front of the house and the lake is also quite dirty. Admission fee is required to enter the museum but I didn't went into the museum cos I feel that it is not worth the money so I only took photo outside.

Taipa house

I have done a lot of research on the exact location of 大利来记咖啡室 as the address always indicate Largo Governador Tamagnini Barbosa 巴波沙前地 but I couldn't find this in the map. Actually it’s at the other end of Rua Correia Da Silva near Pak Tai Temple (在告利雅施利华街,靠近北帝庙). There were many people queuing when we reached at 3.30pm. I have watched a documentary show about 大利来记咖啡室 sometimes ago on channel 8 and they only sell 300 buns a day and started selling @ 3pm. By the time we almost reached the counter at around 4.30pm, the 猪扒包 is sold out! Ah...... we queue for so long and it's sold out! They only left with 猪扒芝士 so we are left with no choice. 有机会再来的话,我一定要特别早来排队.
Location of 大利来记咖啡室
So many people!!!
Saw my sis queuing? Pink color bag....

We return to the hotel quite early today as I'm not feeling very well. We bought this for dinner on our way back to the hotel. I only ate a bit 炸酱面 and slept after taking a panadol. 我妹啊,爱上这里的电视节目,每天都看电视剧。

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