Saturday, 12 April 2008

Taiwan trip - 12 Apr 08

Today is our last day in Taiwan and we decided to sleep a bit later cos had been waking up super early for the past few days. After having our breakfast in the hotel, we went back to our room and pack our luggage and left our luggage in the lobby after checking out.

We went to buy the bus ticket to airport at the Guo Guang Bus terminal directly opposite Keysman Hotel. The bus ticket cost NT125 ~ S$6 and there is no timing indicated on the ticket which means that you can board any available bus to the airport for that day.

Then we went to the Taipei underground MRT station and shop. After that, we board MRT and went to Taipei City Hall station as my sis suggest going to New York New York as she didnt went there in her last trip.

Funny English Logo is similar to Starbucks

On the way to New York New York, we walk pass the Asean food fair and a concert playing Thai songs. There were quite a lot of Thai people gathering here.


My zodiac

As Taipei 101 is nearby, I told my sis that I wanna take a shot to prove that I had been to Taipei mah. But there was mist hence we couldnt take a shot of the whole Taipei 101.

Taipei 101

We walk one round inside New York New York and left cos all are high end boutiques

New York New York

On the way back to the MRT station, i decided to eat Mos Burger for lunch but my sis dont want. Hence we went to the food court and had our lunch. I bought a teriyaki chicken buger for my dinner on the flight back. The food sold in the food court is not cheap loh, i ordered herbal chicken set lunch which cost me NT$159 ~ $8.

My lunch

My sis lunch

We went back to the hotel to collect our luggage and walk to the bus terminal. We cross the road instead of taking the underpass as we were dragging and carrying our luggage.

While walking into the bus terminal, there were taxi drivers touting for business. There was a bus departing for airport soon and we quickly board the bus otherwise had to wait for the next bus.

Inside the airport bus

Our luggage were stored at the bottom component of the bus and luggage tags were given to us to claim our own luggage later

Bus luggage tag

We reached the airport in 40min as there was no traffic jam. When we reach the airport, there were people queuing although the check in counter is not yet open. We also queue up since there was nothing else to do and it's quite troublesome carrying the luggages around. The airport looks old and dim, are they saving electricity?

Check in counters

Lucky our luggage didnt exceed 40kg.

Vending machine selling postcards

Terminal 1 Departure hall

There were not many shops inside the airport and we spent some times reading in the bookstore before boarding the plane.

Waiting for our plane

Bye bye Taiwan

The plane depart at 6.30pm and reach Singapore at 11pm. Was zzz throughout the flight, must be tired after 8 days of fun.


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