Sunday, 13 April 2008

Taiwan trip - Epilogue

I really enjoyed my trip to Taiwan as this is a place which I longed to visit for a long time especially Alishan. Taiwan is really huge compared to some of the places which I had visited such as Hong Kong and Macau. There seems to be endless places for me to explore and visit. Although Taiwan is huge, their transport system is really good. There are coaches to different county and their train can bring you round the Taiwan island. I also like their night markets and I'm amazed that their night markets can survived for so long at the same place selling the same thing. I wonder what is the problem with our pasar malam? I used to go to pasar malam whenever there is one near my house but as I grow up, it starts to lose it's appeal to me.

I just can't get enough of Taiwan. I would return to Taiwan again cos:
1. There are still many places in Taiwan which I had yet to visit - Taipei, Pingxi railroute, Neiwan railroute, Sun Moon Lake, He huan shan, Cing Jing Farm, Kaoshiung etc.
2. Taiwanese are really very friendly and helpful people. Mr Lu and Mr Chen are examples. Although Mr Lu is reaching 70s, I can feel the passion and enthusiasm in Mr Lu as he don't seems to treat this solely as a job. I haven't seen such tour guide around yet.
3. There is no language barrier.

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