Thursday, 19 February 2009

Kuantan-Genting-Ipoh-Cameron trip - 19 Feb 09

Wake up at around 7.45am, didnt know that the room is facing the east and is able to watch the sunrise. Hence, I decided to wake up earlier tomorrow to catch the sunrise.

Sun has risen View from the room

After changing our clothes, we headed to the 3rd level for the complimentary breakfast. The cafe is quite huge and is able to accomodate a lot of people. Joe went to select the food while I choose a table.

Different time zone
First World Cafe
My breakfast

After our breakfast, we head to the First World Plaza for our activities today. There are row of shops catagorised into different countries selling souvenir items.

Souvenir shops
Egyptian pharaoh
We bought tickets for the 4D Motion Master for the 1st screening at 9.30am. It's about a tortise narrating it's ancestor which survived for the million years. There are some parts which scared me and I was screaming but it's really not that scary, i think i'm the only one who scream. -_-"

4D Monster Master
Cool rite? =p
We purchase the ticket for the outdoor amusement park ride RM$38. It includes all the rides in the outdoor amusement park except the flying coaster ride which has a discount rate of $10 instead of normal rate of $12.
Give me a five
All the outdoor amusement park rides Ticket to the outdoor amusement park
I'm promoting the Energizer battery, haha...
Double deck busInside the bus
Red telephone booth
I made the tree smile, haha...
Man-made waterfall
Nicely decorated vintage car
The first ride that we took is Cyclone. This is the 1st roller roaster in Malaysia. Dun feel really trilling after taking the ride.
Before the ride start...
Height and weight requirement for some rides
Super Toboggan
Ferry wheel
I was quite disappointed with the Go Kart as there is a limit in the speed limit. I dun feel that the go kart is travelling at a fast speed even if i stepped the accelerator to it's maximum, somemore the go kart route is quite short.

Grand Prix Fun KartCorkscrew
Beryl's Chocolate Wonderland
Taking a break
Astro Fighter
Tea cup
Pirate ship
Antique car
Among all the rides, flying coaster is the most thrilling as it spin 360 degrees. Initially i was still screaming but soon i lost my voice in screaming, i even closed my eyes as i feel scared.

Flying coaster

We went for our lunch as my stomach is protesting. We had KFC for lunch. The meal cost about the same as Singapore and in addition, it includes a bun and potato wedges.
My lunch
We went for cable car ride as it's not good to take those thrilling rides after our lunch. We purchase a return trip ticket which cost RM10.
The cable car is currently the world's fastest and South East Asia's longest cable car system. This 3.4km Mono Cable Car System at Genting Highlands is the world's fastest mono cable car ride with a maximum speed of 6 metres per second. The system is able to transport passengers from the township of Gohtong Jaya to the hilltop in just 11 minutes. I had personally authenticate the time taken for one way ride is abt 15min. =p
Cable car
Enjoying the scenic ride

Nothing much at the lower station except some souvenir shops and a reptile museum.
Lower cable car station
Horse ranch
Back to Genting

How come the Statue of Liberty is riding a motorcycle?
Sky Venture
Waiting for the monorail
Inside the monorail
Views from the monorail
Mini train
Fresh and cool water
Flying dragon
Wow... caves
Do you believe it's a gold mine? Got trick!
We arranged the Sungai Rejang Flume Ride last as after getting wet, we can head back to the hotel to washup. Haha... no matter I'm at the front or at the back, I didnt get wetter than Joe.=p
Before the ride
After the ride
We left the amusement park and went back to our room for a shower. After that, Joe took a nap and I was watching the TV. We headed out for dinner at around 7pm. We went to 阿一鲍鱼 for dinner. Joe decide to have a scrumptous dinner but I found the food so so only.
Shark fin
Char Siew
Cereal prawn
We went to watch Dreamz which showcase acrobatic troupe from China, dance troupe from Belarus & Ukraine, white lion and white tiger performance and Toris Togni Alessandro magic shows. As no picture taking is allowed, my camera is napping in my bag. The show lasted about 1.5hrs and ended at 10.30pm. We headed back to our room as we were exhausted after a day of fun.

>>Day 4: 20 Feb 09

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