Friday, 13 March 2009

Hong Kong trip – 13 Mar 09

Feeling sicky the moment i wake up. My whole inner body feel hot and headache. We packed our bags and checked out first. Left our bag with the concierge and went to search for breakfast. There is a pharmacy opposite the hotel and bought coughing and sore throat medicine here. Then we went to a shop beside where we had dinner yesterday for breakfast. I ordered a cold noddle, a bowl of porridge and xiao long bao. The cold noodle sause taste a bit like satay sauce and the porridge has red dates and dried longans inside while the xiao long bao sucks. I still prefer Ding Tai Fung xiao long bao. These only cost RMB $25 ~ S$5 which is relatively cheap.
Cold noodle & porridge

We sit inside the restaurant for quite some times as I really feel uncomfortable. After resting for a while, we walked around and my mom bought quite a couple of things inside a RMB2 shop. Everything is RMB2 ~ S$0.50, it's cheaper than Daiso. My mom bought scissors, wallet, chopsticks, laundry bag etc while I bought a keychain for my sis.

I told my mom that I really can't take it so we head back to the hotel and collect our bags. We left the hotel and board MRT to Luohu station.


We reached Luo Hu at around 12.50pm and clear the immigration custom at both China and Hon Kong. Sian... Gotta write the HK arrival card the 3rd time. We board the train and alight at Tsim Sha Tsui East Station. On the way back to the hostel, we bought fish porridge as we had not eaten our lunch.

We were given another room as the room we stayed for the past 4 days were occupied. Since there is no available twin bedroom, we were given a triple bedroom. This bedroom is a bit bigger than the one we stayed previously. There is a fridge and a table unlike the one we stayed previously. However the toilet is super small as the basin is outside. Nvm, only staying for a night.

I ate the porride and went to sleep. I was scared that I may fainted on the way back from Shenzhen as I really feel weak. It's a blessing that I can last until I reached the hostel.

Our room for today
Fish porridge

I woke up at around 5plus and took a bath. We went out for dinner at around 6.30pm. We went back to the shop which we bought the fish porridge in the afternoon. We ordered Char Siew Chee Chong Fun & Chee Chong Fun wrapped with youtiao. I came here for dinner cos i saw people ordering the Chee Chong Fun wrapped with youtiao in the afternoon. It's nice and we ordered a bowl of century egg porridge since we were not full yet. This dinner cost us HK$57.50 ~ S$11. We went back to the hotel after that since I havent recovered yet.

Char Siew Chee Chong Fun & Chee Chong Fun wrapped with youtiao

Century egg porridge

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