Sunday, 15 March 2009

Hong Kong trip – Epilogue

Hong Kong is always a destination for 买东西 & 吃东西 but this time we only 吃东西 & 吃东西。We didn't buy much thing as the weight of our lugagge back is almost the same as the weight of the luaggage when we went there. When we check in at the airport, everyone's lugagge is almost exceeding the luggage limit except us.

If I had not fall sick at Shenzhen, I would not have come home so empty handed. After I had been to Shenzhen, it's definitely much enjoyable to shop here than in Hong Kong cos the things here are just so cheap. Next time, I would definitely come here for shopping instead of going to Hong Kong.

I just can't get enough of Macau's egg tart and pork chop bun. After I had eaten Macau's egg tart, no egg tart is comparable to this. I also like the roasted pigeon and roasted goose. The roasted goose meat is similar to the duck meat but it's tender than duck meat.

I'm glad that my mum enjoy this trip. Although we walked quite a lot, luckily my mum dun feel leg pain for the whole week. Otherwise, we would be spending a lot of the time in the hostel.

What I enjoyed most is the cool weather and the nice food. How I wish Singapore has such weather. Among all the attactions, my favourite is Victoria peak. I just cant get enough of the paranomic scenery of Victoria Harbour.

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