Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Phnom Penh trip - Epilogue

First of all, we didnt encounter any mishap during this trip. Before we went to Phnom Penh, my sis heard stories abt some mishap on a gal who travel there alone. We were a bit worried abt our safety as we did not have male companion for this trip. My sis told my mom that we would call back home everyday and if we didnt, she should lodge a police report. I was a bit amused when I heard this.

Secondly, having Narith as our taxi driver is one of our biggest reward for this trip. We understand more about the local culture here and get to eat a lot of local food which we never eat before. Can I say that I'm lucky to encounter good taxi driver such as Narith and Mr Lu Laifu (Taiwan Hualien trip) for all my trips? The taxi driver does play a part on whether I enjoyed myself during the trip. I would very much like to help Narith but I am unable to do much for him except recommending his service on my blog and travel forum.

I will definitely visit Cambodia again. Narith mentioned that he will cook for us when we go there again. Well, I should be heading to Siem Reap as I longed to visit Angkor Wat. How can I not visit it when it is one of the wonders in the world and it is so near to us? Suddenly, I feel like visiting all the places in South East Asia, there are so many places so near us and I have yet to visit them.
Look forward to more trips this year. Life is short. Carpe diem.

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belgarathc said...

I enjoy reading your trip report. Very detailed!

And thanks for linking to my blog.