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Bangkok trip – 27 Dec 10

After shopping for 2 days, we are heading out of Bangkok to Ayutthaya for sightseeing. We woke up at 5.30am in the morning and head out after having mango sticky rice for breakfast.
It's 6am in the morning

Before we reach the BTS station, YQ had stomachache hence he went to a cafe to relieve himself. Unlike our MRT stations, there are no toilets at the BTS stations here.
The sun is rising

I choose to take minivan instead of trains as the shorter train journey to Ayutthaya are either 5.45am or 8.20am. We took BTS to Victory Monument and facing the monument from the BTS, the vans are at the left side after walking down the overhead bridge.
Victory monument

We asked around for the minivan to Ayutthaya and were guided to this van. The driver told us that the van would depart at 7.20am. We were the first passenger in the van and subsequently there are 5 - 6 other passenger.
Minivan to Ayutthaya
On the way to Ayutthaya

After 1.5hr, we reached Ayutthaya. Once I saw stupas, I knew that we have reached Ayutthaya.
The minivan drop us outside a provision shop. We saw a guesthouse opposite the road and walked across.
Provision shop
Guesthouse along Naresuan Road
Ayutthaya guesthouse

We rented a motorcycle for whole day at THB200 from Ayutthaya guesthouse. A map of Ayuttaya with the attractions indicated is given to us. Normally, tourist either hire a tuk tuk, motorcycle or bicycle to go around Ayutthaya. I didnt want to hire a tuk tuk as it cost THB200/hr which I find will be quite costly for both of us. But later on, I regret this decision. 
Helmets are important too
Examining the motorcycle
Ayuttaya ruins

Shortly after we started riding the motorbike, we falled down while trying to avoid a bus. YQ's knee is full of bruises and he sprain his left hand. I didnt have much bruises but I sprained my left foot. Initially I dun feel acute pain as I could limp. YQ drove to a petrol station and check whether plaster or antiseptic lotion are sold here.

We continue riding as these were not sold at the petrol station and we bought from a provision shop nearby. We decided to continue to visit the attractions as I felt that I could continue by sitting on the motorbike.
Petrol station
Full of bruises

Ayuttaya is not really that small as seen on the map and the traffic was not very sparse as what I have thought. We overshot when we wanted to turn into the road leading back to the guesthouse. Instead, we just continue our journey onto the mainland.

 Wat Gud Dao
Elephant lamp post
Wat Chakrawat
A stupa full of grass
Road leading to Wat Maheyong
Wat Maheyong
Tourist trolley bus
Wat Boroma Budha Ram

We stopped at Wat Thammikarat and we got down from the motorbike. I realised that I'm in actue pain when I tried to walk. It's around 11am and YQ said that we just head back to Bangkok after having our lunch. I agreed and I told him that we just visit the stupa which I wanted to see and then have our lunch.

Wat Thammikarat

We crossed the river from Ayuttaya island to Wat Chaiwatthanaram but it's not the stupa which I wanted to see. Nevertheless, Wat Chaiwatthanaram is quite grand too.
Wat Chaiwatthanaram
Tuk tuk in Ayuttaya
Crossing the bridge back to Ayuttaya island
Chedi Sri Suriyothai
Ayuttaya is an island surrounded by river
Wat Hasdavas

After riding for almost 15min, we still didnt see Wat Phu Khao Thong and we are unsure if we are in the correct direction. YQ stopped and ask some locals and they pointed in the direction that we are travelling to. I guess it's still a distance away. Thais are really helpful even though they couldnt speak English.

Finally, we saw the entrance to Wat Phu Khao Thong and follow a tuk tuk in front of us.
Entrance to King Naresuan Monument
Long road leading to Wat Phu Khao Thong

Wat Phu Khao Thong is really very grand and the is one of the stupas which I wanted to visit. However as my left foot is injured, I could only took photograph from the motorbike and couldnt climb up the stupa. Nevermind, I shall return in the future.
Wat Phu Khao Thong
King Naresuan Monument

Interestingly, there are quite a number of roosters statues in Ayuttaya. These roosters are suggestive of a poplar legend in which a young Prince Naresuan wagered a bet with a young Burmese prince that Ayutthaya would be freed if Naresuan's rooster emerged victorious in the cock fight. Prince Naresuan's rooster naturally won the bet, and the Burmese prince was humiliated in the process. After the release of a popular movie about King Naresuan, these rooster statues began to appear mysterious at temples across Ayutthaya.
Lots of roosters
Ancient Palace ruins

I wanted to have lunch at Baan Joom Zapon on Uthong Road but we couldnt locate it. In the end, we had our lunch at a roadside stall and ordered a dish which is similar to our kway chap in Singapore.
The stall where we had our lunch
Our lunch

The locals saw that I'm injured and they offer to give me ointment but it's of no use. After we finished our lunch and was about to leave, a guy bought his ointment and wanted to rub my foot. He couldnt speak Thai and another lady told me "Massage". I was screaming in pain and holding YQ's hand tightly when he was rubbing my foot. He also rub YQ left hand too. We thanked him and YQ gave him THB100.
Helpful Thai

We tried to find our way back to Ayutthaya guesthouse but we circling around and still couldnt find it. That's why I commented that Ayutthaya is not as small as what I thought previously. YQ stopped outside a school and went to ask for directions. 2 helpful Thais guided us back to Ayutthaya guesthouse. YQ offered to give them tips but they rejected.
A school
Helpful Thai army personnel

We quickly return the motorbike and left. There were some scratches on the bike when we fell but before the owner has a chance to pursue further, we walked away. As I have difficulty walking far, YQ left me on a pavement while he continue to look for the minivan back to Bangkok. As I felt pain when standing, I sat on the pavement and waited. A van passed by and YQ was looking for frantically as he didnt saw me sitting on the pavement. I'm really touched that he piggyback me to the van even though his left hand was injured.
Minivan departure area

The minivan was full and we sat the back row. The journey back to Bangkok took about 1.5hr and we reached the Victory Monument at 5.30pm. We hire a cab back to the hotel.
Estimated taxi fare according to the distance travelled

I stayed in the room while YQ went out to buy dinner. He bought A&W for dinner and bandage cloth for my foot. It's a blessing that nothing serious happen to us.

My swollen left foot
After bandaged
A&W dinner

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