Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Bangkok trip – 29 Dec 10

Today didnt turn out to be a good day. I started to have diarrhea after breakfast, hence I spent the next few hours limping to and from the toilet. In the end, I got a bit flare up as I have problem walking and I ended up sitting in the toilet.

At noon, we change to another room as our plan was to check out today and went to Kanchanaburi. YQ moved all the luggages to the new room before coming back to help me to walk to the new room.

I feel so tired after keep visiting the toilet that I doze off soon after we settled down. By the time I woke up, it's already 4pm and YQ was lying beside me. I asked him why he didnt went to buy lunch as it's already so late. He replied that he don't feel safe leaving me alone in the room. Then, YQ went out to buy late lunch and bought dumplings for me.
Tropical room

As we had late lunch earlier on, YQ only went out at 8pm to buy dinner. He bought noodle from a stall near the hotel.

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