Thursday, 30 December 2010

Bangkok trip – 30 Dec 10

Today is the 3rd day since we met with bike accident. YQ decided to bring me to Yaowarat (Chinatown) to look for Chinese tie da senseh since I'm able to walk around abit. We took a cab to Yaowarat as there are no BTS or MRT to Yaowarat and it's more convenient for me to take a cab with my situation now. The taxi fare from Take a Nap hotel to Yaowarat is quite cheap at THB60 ~ S$2.60.
Bangkok bank with the Garuda symbolising the royal warrant
Hua Lamphong train station
Monks buying lottery?

There are many chinese physician shops here and we asked whether anyone know tie da here? Some told us to go to the hospital at the Kuan Yim temple. Hence we continued to walk and finally locate Thian Fah Hospital.
Finally we found the it!
Kuan Yim temple
Tian Fah Clinic
Inside the clinic
 Price list of different treatment
I don't know why this place is called a hospital as it is more like a polyclinic. Luckily some of the staff here can speak Mandrain and the doctors here are Thai Chinese. The doctor wanted to send me for Xray to see if my bones are fractured. However the Xray department is not open today. The doctor examined my foot and told me that it is sprain and not fractured. Hence the doctor suggested acupuncture. I waited for almost 1/2hr before it's my turn to have acupunture. It's not very painful, the feeling is more like ants bites. The medical fee is not very expensive THB300 ~S$13.
1st time sitting on a wheel chair @_@"

After the acupunture session, we left and went for lunch at Yaowarat. A lot of people commented that it's a must to eat shark fin and bird nest at Yaowarat so we definitely shouldnt miss it.
Who's YQ calling?
Local bus
Bustling Yaowarat

We saw Hai Wai Tian Shark’s fin restaurant (Address: 461 Yaowarat Road, Opening hours: 11am - 12am) and decided to have our lunch here as I dont want to walk to far.
Hai Wai Tian Shark’s fin restaurant (海外天鱼翅酒楼)
Articles featuring the restaurant
Interior of restaurant

We ordered 4 dishes and all taste mediocre. The shark fin fare better, the oyster omlette and fried rice are quite salty and the bird nest soup taste more like jelly. This meal cost us THB745 ~ S$32 which is not cheap.
 Shark fin
Oyster omlette
Salted fried rice
Bird nest soup

We passed by a pomegranate juice stall and I bought one bottle to try. The juice is very sweet and cost THB50 ~S$2.50. It's expensive for such a small bottle.
 Pomegranate juice stall
Squeezing the juice
Pomegranate juice
Colourful scooter

We took a cab back to the hotel and rest until evening before we went out for dinner. Finally, I can went out for dinner after quarantined in the hotel for 2 days. Even though my foot is still in pain but at least I could walk for a distance now.
@ Hotel lobby

We wanted to take a cab to Queen of Curry (Address: 49 Charoenkrung Road, Soi 50 Bongrak, Bangkok 10500) but there are no cab for us to hail. In the end, we took BTS to Saphran Taksin station and walk to Queen of Curry which is 5min away (Opposite Robinson).
Queen of curry
Looking at the menu
He's so greedy

We ordered 3 dishes, all are nice except the green curry. The meat is a bit tough which makes it not nice. The Tom Yam here is not very spicy and sweeter. This meal cost us THB$450 ~ S$20.
 Tom Yam Goong
Chicken satay
Green Curry

After our dinner, we walked to Lebua hotel. I purposely visit Lebua Sky bar today to avoid the surcharge on New Year eve. From distance, Lebua hotel looks near but we spent about 15min walking there.
Lebua Hotel facade

We took the lift to 63rd floor where the sky bar is. Mezzaluna (indoor) and Sirocco (outdoor) restaurants are also located on the 63rd floor.
Mezzaluna restaurant
Sky bar with The Dome at the background
Lebua skybar

We ordered a cocktail to share. The cocktail is not cheap THB530 ~ S$23. One visit for the experience is enough. The night scenary of Bangkok is not spectacular too.
Our cocktail
Bangkok night view

We left Skybar after spending half an hour there. We went to the Lebua hotel lobby to take a look before boarding a cab back to the hotel.
Lebua hotel lobby

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