Sunday, 2 January 2011

Bangkok trip – Epilogue

It's my first trip to Bangkok and yet it turn out to be a disaster trip. My vacation trip became a staycation trip. Lesson learnt, no more bike riding anymore. I shall visit Ayutthaya again and Kanchanaburi which I missed out this time round.

Thailand is really a land of smile. Thais are very friendly and quite a number of people help us out during our trip although we don't know them at all.

I can really go shopping craze in Bangkok but due to my foot injury, I only went to Chatuchak, Platinium mall and MBK. MBK is not worth paying a second visit as the clothes sold here are not my type. It's takes time to hunt for the best bargain. Sometimes, surprises just pop up when I didnt expect it.

I will definitely return to Bangkok again since it only 2hr flight away and there are so many things to explore. There are many attractions in Bangkok which I have yet to visit and also the outskirt area. I will be back......

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