Friday, 4 February 2011

Bangkok trip – 4 Feb 11

We woke up at around 8plus as the whole day activity is shopping! When we reached Pratunam market at around 10plus, quite a lot of shops are not yet open. My sis and I found that the clothes here are not suitable for us while my dad bought few pieces of T-shirt. We walked across to Platinium mall and start our shopping spree.

I wanted to try Kaiton chicken rice so we walked to the shophouses across Platinium mall. Alas, Kaiton is not open again. We had our chicken rice at the green T-shirt stall. Address: Pratunam intersection (Thanon Petchaburi and Thanon Ratchadamri streets). Actually the chicken rice is mediocre, it's the chilli that is shiok. Moreover it's cheap at THB30 for a normal plate. This lunch cost THB230 ~ S$10.

Green T-shirt Chicken rice
Bottled orange juice

After our lunch, we went back to Platinium mall to continue our shopping while my parents rest at the benches inside Platinium mall. We shopped until 3plus and had teabreak at Black Canyon Coffee. I discovered that Black Canyon Coffee is almost available on every floor in Platinium mall. After a while, my dad start to have diarrhoea and he keep going to the toilet. My sis and I went to search for pharmacy shop but there is none at Platinium mall. I remembered that we passed by a chinese medicine shop at Pratunam market in the morning. Hence my sis and I went over to buy "保济丸".

Cakes for teabreak

We finished shopping at around 7plus and took a cab back to the hotel. My parents rested in the hotel while my sis and I went out to buy dinner.

We bought porridge for my dad and kway teow for my mom. My sis and I had phad thai and tom yum gung.
Roadside stall
Porridge and shrimp wonton
Noodle and braised chicken feet
Phad thai
Tom Yum Gung

Finally after 2 days of changing rooms, we will be staying in this room until we checked out.

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