Monday, 7 February 2011

Bangkok trip – Epilogue

I really went shopping craze in Bangkok. In my 2 days shopping spree, I bought 9 dresses, 3 T-shirts, 1 shorts etc. All these at less than S$250. My sister also commented that she like to shop for clothes here. Among the cities I have been to, I will rank Bangkok and Taipei No 1 in terms of shopping. I read that Seoul is also a shopping haven, can't wait till Oct.

The weather here is a big big turn off. Probably because of the weather and food, my parents and I fall sick consecutively. Luckily all of us have recovered.

There are still many attractions in Bangkok which I havent visit. I will combine these with shopping in the future. I found that many people went to Bangkok purely for shopping and missed the chance to visit these attractions. It's a pity.

I also missed Thai massage, it's so shiok after a day of walking.

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