Sunday, 6 February 2011

Bangkok trip – 6 Feb 11

As our flight is 1.45pm, I didnt arrange any activity today. So after we woke up and had our breakfast, we stayed in our room until it's time to leave for the airport.

We reached the airport at around 11pm even though our flight is 1.45pm. We intend to check in first and have our lunch before the plane. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi is a really huge airport, do check in earlier to ensure sufficient time to walk to your departure gate.

Guardian angel

After clearing the immigration, we walk towards our departure gate D area which is about 15min walk. We had our lunch at a cafe near the departure gate. My sis and I ordered a Phad Thai to share and I ordered a banana milkshake wrongly for her. She wanted a mango milkshake and in the end, she ordered another mango smoothies. Thanks to the banana milkshake, I got stomach upset after that.
Phad Thai & Banana milk shake
Porridge & Mango smoothies

The flight is full again and I was so tired that I fall asleep during the flight. By the time the flight touch down in Singapore, it's already 5pm. We decided to have dinner at the airport after collecting our luggage. Btw we saw Joanne Peh at the airport and she just arrived from Melbourne. We decided to have dinner at Paradise Inn. We ordered Hor fun, Hong Kong noodles and Pork leg vermicelli. I felt quite bloated after drinking the banana milkshake and dont have appetite at all. In the end, we takeaway the Pork leg vermicelli.

Hong Kong Noodles
Pork leg vermicelli

The taxi queue was quite long and we waited almost half an hour before it's our turn. Another holiday just ended...

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