Monday, 25 April 2011

Yogyakarta trip – Epilogue

Thanks to Air Asia that I get to visit Borobudur. In the past, only Silkair flies direct to Solo (the other nearest city to Borobudur other than Yogyakarta) and airtix is not as cheap as what Air Asia offer. Hopefully, Air Asia and other budget airlines will fly to more destinations from Singapore, the more the merrier.

It's a problem when there is communication barrier. Other than the incident we encountered when we first arrived, it was smooth sailing for the rest of the days. This is why among all the places I have been to, I love Taiwan the most as there is no communication barrier there.

I was awe by the size of Borobudur. It's magnificent, grand and huge. In comparison, Prambanan pale in terms of size. In my opinion, Prambanan is overshadow by Borobudur. But I would recommend everyone to visit both. I felt excited to visit 2 world heritage sites during this trip.

If staying in Pondok Tingal is hell then staying in Rumah Mertua is heaven. I really enjoyed my stay in Rumah Mertua. The rooms are clean, staff are friendly, warm and speak good English. It is one of the best value for money accommodation which I have ever stayed! I'm starting to miss the 2 days there when I'm blogging for this post.

Most of the food which we ate in Yogyakarta are very salty. I wondered if the salt is free here? It doesnt suit our taste at all. The best meal that we had for the whole trip was Rijsttafel at Rumah Mertua. Although not all the dishes are equally delicious, majority of the dishes are definitely better than all the other meals we had in Yogyakarta.

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