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Langkawi trip – 17 Sep 11

We woke up earlier today as we have booked a half day island hopping in the morning. There is a prata stall beside Casa Fina's reception but it is not yet open at 7.30am.
Prata shop beside Casa Fina

We crossed the road to a Malay eatery shop opposite Casa Fina which sells nasi lemak. The nasi lemak is cheap but portion is too little. We didnt order extra portion since we have island hopping activity trip later.
Nasi Lemak stall
Nasi Lemak & Tea Tarik
Cute pink beetle car

The island hopping agency arranged a van to pick us up from Casa Fina hence we waited at Casa Fina lobby after our breakfast. The van did not arrived at the expected time and we were worried that we were missed out. The receptionist from Casa Fina offered to help us call the tour agency and told us that the driver will arrive later. We were drove to the jetty at the corner of Pantai Tengah.
Island hopping tour agencies at the jetty
The jetty is crowded with people waiting for speed boat. We waited for almost half an hour before it's our turn to board the speed boat. We were given a sticker each to differentiate different tour groups.
Notice the red shirt cameraman?
View of Awana Porto Malai Langkawi & Islands from the jetty
Anybody knows the name of this resort?
Everyone putting on life jacket
Speed boat driver
Islands around Langkawi
Can you see the shape of a pregnant lady?

Within 15min, we reached the first destination of island hopping - Pulau Dayang Bunting (Pregnant Maiden Island). We were told to gather back at the jetty an hour later. I guessed these boat drivers make their earnings based on the number of trips they make. Hence after dropping us, our boat driver drove off and probably to another island to pick up other passengers to another location. There are many monkeys loitering around at the jetty looking for food.
Monkeys at the jetty
Pulau Dayang Bunting (Pregnant Maiden Island)

From the jetty, there is only one path leading the Dayang Bunting lake. The jetty is about 5min walk to Dayang Bunting lake. After the jetty, there is a toilet which is chargeable and it is also the only toilet on this island. There are many monkeys along the path waiting for tourist to throw their food away.
Stairs leading to Lake of the Pregnant Maiden

The only activity at the lake is boat paddling. We didnt brought much monies with us hence we just sit at one corner and ate the potato chips which we brought. I read in the internet that cat fishes are presence in the lake and people would sit at the floating platform doing fish spa. But it seems that the cat fishes are no longer found inside the lake now, is it because they are turned off by the smelly human feet?
Activities on the lake
Solar boats
Floating platform

We bought this honey mustard potato chips from Billion supermarket yesterday. We just couldnt stop eating after we started. It's just so yummy! The price (RM7 ~ S$3) is much more expensive than those normal potato chip flavours but it's worth it.
Yummy Honey Mustard potato chips

We decided to walk back to the jetty as it's quite sunny at Dayang Bunting lake and there are not much shade there. We sat at a hut along the footpath while waiting for the time to pass.

After an hour, we left Pulau Dayang Bunting and the speedboat driver drove to Pulau Singa Besar. The speedboat stopped somewhere in the middle of the sea and the driver switched off the boat engines. Then he threw pieces of chicken meat into the sea.  Within seconds, the eagles fly down to grab the chicken. I read in the tripadvisor forum that some forumers discourage this activity as it disturbs the natural habitat of eagles.
Eagles roaming around

The last stop of the island hopping is Pulau Beras Basah. We were given an hour of free time on this island. I thought that we could snorkel here but no snorkelling equipment was provided by the driver.
Pulau Beras Basah

There is a hut which rents snorkel equipment. I forgot how much is the rental of snorkel equipment. We didnt rent since we didnt brought much monies with us and the fishes here are not spectacular too.
Renting of snorkelling equipments
Signboard of Pulau Beras Basah

We sat at a bench and continue eating our potato chips. We bought a can of coke from the only food & drink stall on the island. A can of coke cost RM2.50 ~ S$1 and I heard someone complaining that a packet of fried noodle cost RM8 which is really very expensive.
Sole drink and tibit stall
A more seclude corner
There is a well on Pulau Beras Basah
Fishes at the jetty

We reached Langkawi at around 1.30pm and there are photo souvenirs for purchase. Saw the red colour shirt man who was standing at the jetty in the photo previously? He's the cameraman. We waited about 15min before our van came and send us back to Casa Fina.
Photo plates souvenirs

We quickly went back to our room for toilet break and went out. We drove to Telaga Harbour Park which is about 1/2hr from Casa Fina.
Go kart circuit
Road along the airport runway
Overbridge at Jalan Kuala Muda
Yatches from afar

I plan to have our lunch at The Loaf, a bakery and bistro open by Tun Mahathir. There were not many people when we reached since it's already 2.30pm.
The Loaf Restaurant

The bread sold in The Loaf bakery are not cheap and the minimum price is at least RM4 ~ S$1.70.
The Loaf Bakery
A variety of bread
Display on every table

We ordered Southern Cajun Chicken Sandwich and Roasted Chicken set which comes with drink and dessert and a glass of Langkawi sunset. The Cajun Chicken was recommend by a blogger but it doesnt taste good. The Roasted Chicken which is the dish of the day taste much better. The service at The Loaf bistro is a bit slow and we have to remind the waiter a couple of times before he serve our dessert. The bill came up RM80 ~ S$33 which is quite expensive by Malaysia's living standaard.
Our drinks
Southern Cajun Chicken Sandwich
Roasted chicken
Chocolate fudge cake

There are many yatches docking at the harbour but we cant board the yatches. How I wish I'm one of the owner. =p
Yatches at Telega Habour

We then drove to Oriental Village which is 10min away. One of the factor which makes self driving in Langkawi afforable is that parking is free everywhere! There are also ample of carparks at most of the places of interest.
Entrance of Oriental Village
Shops at Oriental Village

When we reached the cable car station, there was long queue forming and the waiting time is 2hr. We decided to return for the cable car ride tomorrow morning.
Cable car station
Long waiting hour at the cable car station

We drove to Air Terjun Temurun which is situated at the Northwest of Langkawi. We failed to turn left into Jalan Datai where Air Terjun Temurun is located and continue our journey on Jalan Teluk Yu. I realised that we have overshot when I saw the Handicraft Cultural Complex.
Danna Langkawi
A cement factory

Langkawi waterfall is a man-made waterfall which is few minutes away from Air Terjun Temurun. However I couldnt see the waterfall from the roadside at all.

Langkawi Waterfall

There isnt much space at the entrance so we parked our car at the roadside. From the entrance to Terjun Temurun waterfall, it only takes 5min walk which is relatively shorter than the walk at Durian Perangin.
Entrance of Air Terjun Temurun
Pathway to Air Terjun Temurun

Air Terjun Temurun is  more impressive than Air Durian Peragin as the height is higher. There are few teenagers who climb onto the rocks and jump into the pond. We bought tripod along and is able to take couple photos without asking others for help. =p
Air Terjun Temurun

Locals playing at Air Terjun Temurun

Since it's still early, we decided to drive to Gunung Raya. The drive up to the summit tooks about 20min. The roads are winding but manageable. We did not saw many cars along the way up and YQ is a bit worried.
Unique building at the bottom of Gunung Raya
Road leading to Gunung Raya

There is a lookout tower at the summit. Admission fee is RM10. We didnt went in since the view is not very spectacular.
A tower at the peak of Gunung Raya
View from Gunung Raya
A nicer view from the road side

We drove to Tanjung Rhu beach for sunset again. Although it's not raining today, the sunset is blocked by the clouds.  =(
Sunset at Tanjong Rhu

Then we drove to Kuah night market. I was quite disappointed with the night market even though Kuah night market is the largest night market in Langkawi. The food variety is repetitive at most of the stalls. Other than the food stall, I wasnt keen on the other stalls. In the end, we bought a burger which doesnt taste as good as Ramly burger and satays for dinner.
Langakawi Boron Hotel which is at the entrance of Kuah night market
A bridge near Kuah night market
Kuah night market
Clothes stall
Food stalls

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