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Langkawi trip – 18 Sep 11

We woke up at 8.30am today and it's raining heavily. We laze on the bed while waiting for the rain to stop. Finally the rain stop at around 9.30am and we went to the Malay eatery beside Casa Fina.
Malay eatery
Prata stall

We ordered one plain and one egg roti prata each. The pratas and drinks cost us RM7.80 ~ S$3 which is relatively cheap.
Prata breakfast

We checked out after breakfast and drove to Oriental Village. The weather does not seems good. We have no choice but to take cable car today as we will be returning back to Singapore tomorrow morning.
Gloomy clouds

Probably because of the weather today, there are not a lot people at the cable car station. However the hanging bridge is closed due to the fog. This trip is incomplete without a visit to the hanging bridge =(
On the way to the Gunung Mat Cincang

On the way up, we could see Telaga Tujuh waterfall from the cablecar. The waterfall is also accessible by climbing up 300+ steps.
Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls

We reached the middle station within 8min. It's foggy the station and we couldnt see any scenary at all. =(
Hand wax stall
Bottom station
View from the middle station on a clear day
So misty at the middle station
Viewing platform
Inside the cable car
Clearer view on the way down
Shops inside Oriental village
Red bridge inside Oriental village
Hanging bridge at Oriental Village
Paddle boats in Oriental village

We left Oriental Village and on the way back, we drove to the airport to reconfirm the route as our return flight is early in the morning tomorrow and we don't want to waste time searching for the correct route.
Helang Hotel
A plane landing at Langkawi airport
A castle like hotel

We drove to Awana Porto Malai hotel which is at the end of Pantai Tengah. This is one of the hotel worth visiting for it's scenary especially at night.
Awana Porto Malai
Distance of these cities from Awana Porto Malai
Resting at the sundeck

Our last stop before lunch is Laman Padi Rice Garden. It was drizzling when we reached there. From the entrance big signboard, there is a cafe and a restaurant inside but we could only find the restaurant. Furthermore, there is a tour group having lunch at a restaurant inside the Laman Padi Rice Garden. We just took photos of the padi field and left shortly.
Entrance of Laman Padi Rice Garden
Scarecrows & me
The padi field is so small
A Pickup towing a jetski

In the end, we decided to have lunch at Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant 真浪花园海鲜. Opening hour: 11am – 3pm and 6am – 11pm. Address: Lot 1225, Pantai Cenang, Mukim Kedawang (A stone's throw from Pelangi Resort)
Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant
Interior of Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant
Kampg style houses beside Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant

We ordered 3 dishes - fish claypot tofu and sambal kangkong which cost RM60 ~ S$25. The price is reasonable. We didnt ordered seafood as we dont know if the restaurant would inflate the price or not. The BBQ fish dipped with their special sauce is yummy.
Claypot tofu
BBQ fish
Sambal kangkong

After our lunch, we drove to Bon Ton Resort. It is located further up the stretch of Pantai Cenang. There is signboard at the roadside as the resort is located further in from the main road.
Bon Ton resort entrance 
Souvenir shop

The compound comprise of Bon Ton & Temple Tree Resort. The first impression I have when I step into Bon Ton is that this is a very laid bck place. I find calm and peacefulness here. We were ursher to the couch and a welcome drink is served. The welcome drink contains mint which makes it very refreshing. I don't remember who served us and we were asked a couple of question about our trip in Langkawi. Then we were given some brochures such as recommended food and recommended attractions which were self produced by Bon Ton.
Welcome drink
Reception counter
Restaurant dining area
Padi field opposite Bon Ton

We were guided to the Yellow House. The ground was wet due to the rain and there are muddy patches around the resort. Even though there is footpath, it's not link to all the houses. The other thing I dislike is that the cats roam around freely here. I have to ask the staff to help me carry the cat away from the porch.
Yellow House
A cat resting on the porch

The interior of the house is lovely! The Yellow house which we are staying in was originally a 60 year old  fisherman’s house. The house is equip with TV and mini fridge but there is no telephone inside the room. The WIFI access is also weak inside the room. But that's not important since the purpose of staying at Bon Ton is to RELAX!
Sarong bathrobe
Mini bar
Interior of the room

I mentioned in my prologue that it's the outdoor bathroom which attracted me to make reservation at Bon Ton. I love the wooden bathtub but the sundeck is quite dirty. The shower water seeps through the wooden planks into the ground. This is so environmental friendly. Imagine bathing at outdoor and listening to wind breeze blowing at the coconut trees.
Outdoor bathtub and toilet
Coconut trees surrounding the resort

In the evening, the staff came to our room and filled the fridge with the breakfast for tomorrow.
Breakfast for tomorrow
Tea or coffee
Other houses in the resorts
Swimming pool

We drove to  Sheela's Restaurant & Cafe for dinner. Opening hours: 6pm – 10.30pm, Tue – Sun. Address: Jalan Teluk Baru, Pantai Tenga (opposite Holiday Villa Hotel).
Gung Fu restaurant beside Sheela restaurant
Sheela restaurant
Stairway leading to Sheela restaurant
Alfresco area
Indoor dining area

I'm not sure if it's because of the rain but there was no customers in Sheela Restaurant throughout the time we are here. We ordered Fish & Chips and Chicken Cordon Bleu. The food does not taste good at all and yet cost us RM77.50 ~ S$32.
Chicken cordon bleu & Fish n chip
Night view of the alfresco area at Sheela

We return to Bon Ton Resort and borrowed DVDs from their library. We watched Erin Brockovich before turning in early for the night.

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