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Koh Samui trip – 1 Jan 12

As usual, we would order omelette everyday. I would try out the items from the kitchen and I chose Museli today. I prefer museli to cereals as there are oats, fruits and nuts inside.

After our breakfast, we set off for those attractions which we couldnt find yesterday. The entrance leading to the Overlap stone is about 5 min after Hin Ta and Hin Yai. We saw a banner which indicates the direction to the Overlap stone. Along the way up, the are some signage which direct us to the right direction. We came to a point where we have to walk for about 30min to the top. As it was drizzling, we decided not to go ahead.
Direction sign to Overlap stone
  View from middle of nowhere

We continued our journey in search of the Buddha footprint. We stopped by along the way to ask for direction to Buddha footprint but to no avail.
Nice view of the valley

Actually we passed by this place many times when searching for Buddha footprint but there is no signage to indicate that this path leads to Buddha footprint. It's just coincidentally that there is prayers at this compound and we show a local a picture of the Buddha footprint and he pointed to the path leading to this.
Entrance of Buddha footprint

We walked for only about 5min and it started to pour hence we run back to the jeep as fast as we could. Hubby commented that this path is a bit eerie and I got bitten by many mosquitoes!
Dilapidated path

We were almost drench when we reached the jeep. We quickly dry ourselves inside the jeep to prevent from catching a cold. We continued driving to explore those attractions which we haven't visited yesterday.
Raining heavily
Elephant Gate

Wat Kiri Wongkaram is the other temple in Koh Samui which house a mummified monk. I get to know that there is another mummified monk in Koh Samui when I was reading a Caucasian blog about his life in Koh Samui. But this temple is not as popular as Wat Khunaram.

The rain became lighter when we reached Wat Kiri Wongkaram. When we first stepped out of our jeep, we didn't see any soul at the compound. After we walked around the compound, we heard noises and saw people inside one of the building. There is indeed a mummified monk in a sitting posture placed inside the glass panel.
Wat Kiri Wongkaram

I wanted to search for the ship temple Wat Laem Sor and we tried our luck today but no avail. We spent a while at Bang Kao Beach and camwhore.
Bang Kao Beach
Laem Sor Pagoda 
Bang Kao Beach
Look at the waves

We went back to Sabeinglae Restaurant for lunch again. This time round, we ordered prawn salad, fried fish with celery and Phad Thai. We also ordered fruit juice as hubby saw someone ordered it yesterday and the fruit juice glass is huge! The prawn salad and fried fish with celery are yummy but the Phad Thai is mediocre only. This lunch doesnt burn a huge hole in our wallet as it only cost THB500 ~ S$21.
Dishes we ordered

Actually the one of the purpose of renting a jeep is to search for the treetop cable on my own. I read that the roads in the middle of Koh Samui leading to the treetop cable are steeps. As the price difference between hotel transfer and non-hotel transfer is THB400 ~ S$16 per person, it's worthwhile to rent a jeep for the whole day. 

We turn right into a road shortly after passing Wat Khunaram and from there it took us about 20min to find the Treetrop cable. There are some signage along the way but we still have to figure out the direction along the way as the signage are not displayed every few hundred metres apart.
On the way to Treetop cable
Magic Garden

Finally we reached the Treetop cable and it was very windy over here. We inquired about the opening hours etc and decided to return tomorrow for the activity.
Tree Top Cable
This is a court!

We dropped by Lamai Tesco hypermart since we have visited all the attractions which we wanted to. There is no shopping centre in Koh Samui and the only place for shopping is hypermarket.
Lamai Tesco supermarket

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped for a while at the viewing point. It offers a paranomic view of waves pounds against the cliff. I still prefer the waves in Bali compared to the peaceful waves in Koh Samui.
Viewing Point

We took a afternoon nap and went for massage after that. In the evening, we drove all the way to  Nuch Green Ta’lay restaurant at Thong Krut for dinner. Add: 31/4 Moo 5, Thong Krut, Taling Ngam. Opening hours: 3pm – 10pm, closed on Mon. Tel: 087 887 9956. Direction: Drive along the coast road (4170) until you see our sign on the west end of Thong Krut bay. It is about 15min after passing Laem Sho Road.

Nuch Green Ta’lay restaurant is actually a bungalow converted to a restaurant. There are also bungalows available for rent at the compound. We ordered green curry, stir fried asparagus and squid stuffed with pork. The food took about 15min to cook as the restaurant only prepare the ingredients and cook when order is placed. Both hubby and I loved the green curry, it's the richest green curry which we have ever eaten. We highly recommend this dish. The remaining 2 dishes are also quite delicious but we still ranked the green curry as our favourite. The 3 dishes cost THB695 ~ S$29.
Nuch Green Ta’lay restaurant
Yummy dinner

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