Monday, 2 January 2012

Koh Samui trip – 2 Jan 12

As usual, we have breakfast at the poolside. I ordered poached egg today but I still prefer omelette. The bacon served today is also those typical ones which we had for the past two days.  The new bacon taste more like sausages and is not so nice.
Different type of bacon

We drove all the way to the Treetop forest to discover that it is closed today! It's only drizzling and yet it's closed. We left with a disappointed heart. =(
It's closed!

We then drove to Chaweng Tesco hypermarket to spare our time since we couldn't do much on a raining day. Chaweng Tesco hypermarket is the largest supermarket in Koh Samui. There are restaurants, cinemas, bowling alley, shops inside the same building.

Hubby wanted to catch a movie at first but we have some disagreements. I wanted to watch a Thai movie but hubby prefer watching a western movie. In the end we didnt watch any movie. We bought some tibits for tomorrow island hopping and hubby bought a watch too.
Chaweng Tesco supermarket

We decided to have KFC for lunch and the chicken are served on plate and comes with utensils. Even the soft drink is served in glasses.
KFC lunch

We drove to Ocean 11 at Bo Phut to make a reservation for tonight. The owner of Green Ta'lay restaurant which we went for dinner yesterday highly recommended Ocean 11 for it's lamb rack. We tried making a reservation tonight and to our surprise it's fully booked. Hubby asked the reception if all the slots are full or we can  have an early dinner. Luckily, we are able to secure a slot for early dinner.
Ocean eleven restaurant

I wanted to book the island hopping for tomorrow at Tours Koh Samui agency. The agency is also located at Bo Phut but we just couldnt locate the agency. We gave up and return to the hotel for a nap. After our nap, we asked the hotel's reception to help us booked an island hopping trip for us.

In the evening, we went to "My Friends" massage parlour for massage. The parlour near our hotel is full, probably everyone went for massage on a raining day. We drove further down Chaweng beach to search for other "My Friends"massage parlour. The first one we found is full again and we tried our luck at the second one. 
My Friends massage parlour

We reached Ocean 11 at 6pm and there are already some diners in the restaurant. We wanted a table at the edge but it's reserved. =( Actually from our table, we could also have a view of the Bo Phut pier and the sea.

Complimentary bruschetta and bread are served as appetiser. The filling for the bread is delicious. Hubby ordered lamb shack while I ordered duck confetti. The lamb shack is the nicest we have ever ate whereas the duck is too crispy and chewy. This meal cost us THB1,800 ~ S$65.
 Ocean Eleven restaurant
@ Ocean Eleven

When we return to the hotel, we were informed by the hotel's reception that our island trip is cancelled due to rain and waves. =(

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