Thursday, 5 January 2012

Koh Samui trip – Epilogue

I still prefer Bali to Koh Samui even though I didnt really explored Bali during my pre-wedding photoshoot trip. Koh Samui is not as nice as what I have in mind. I can't say the same for Ang Thong National Marine Park or Koh Nang Yuan as my island hopping trip was cancelled.

The island itself is not very big hence the attractions on the island itself can be visited within a day or two, somemore the attractions are free of charge! I went to few beaches but find them not as nice as Bali, is it because because of the waves in Bali? I didnt stay in those cliff villas, maybe the views are nice from the villas?

My mood was dampered by the rain. Out of the 6 days I'm in Koh Samui, it was raining for half of the time here. My first choice forest canopy was not open and my island hopping trip was cancelled =(

We rented a jeep for 5 days and self drive around the island. Some of the roads are bumpy and the terrain is a bit steep for the roads leading to the mountain. A car would not be powerful enough on such road.

The food at the restaurants are about the same price as a restaurant meal in Singapore. Koh Samui is a boutique island hence dun expect things to be cheap here.

Even though the forest canopy which we went to isn't as long as the one I wanted to register, it was still thrilling. This is the activity which hubby and I enjoyed the most.

The other activity which we enjoyed alot is massage at "My Friends". We went there everyday because it's cheap and good! We tried at another massage parlour but it's not as good as "My Friends". My hubby missed "My Friends" so much that I joked that he better migrate there so that he can have massage every day.

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