Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Koh Samui trip – 4 Jan 12

We asked the receptionist yesterday if we can have breakfast earlier today as breakfast is served from 8am onward. We had a light breakfast and the van picked us up at 8am.
Koh Samui airport

We reached the airport in 10min and proceed to check in. The check in process was a breeze as the queue is not long. 

The check in counters are decorated with white parasols which are normally seen at the beaches. Koh Samui was voted as one of the most beautiful airport in the world. After I have been to the airport, I can understand why it was voted so even though it doesnt have a lot of facilities. The airport really give the passengers a resort feel even before they reach the resort.

After we have checked in our flight, a Silkair staff who is also a Singaporean (I saw his name and heard his accent) mentioned to us that there is a courtesy corner at the departure gate area which provides food and drinks for all passengers. 
Check in counters
The roof and lighting are unique

From the check in counters, it's a 5min walk to the departure gate. The walkway to the departure gates are lined with shops and restaurant. The walkway is also not sheltered and this is not a good idea during raining days. Golf carts are available for those who has difficulty in walking or don't want to walk. I guess golf carts will be fully utilised during raining days. 
Golf cart are available
Open air walkway to the departure hall
Where are we?

Other than complimentary refreshment and snacks, free WIFI is available here. The WIFI here does not requires password whereas password has to be requested from the airport counter at Bangkok Suvarnabhum airport.
Free refreshment and snacks 
Departure gate waiting area
Fishes inside the toilet

The flight took off on time and meals are served shortly after that. I chose the western meal which is fish and hubby chose the Thai meal which is curry chicken.
Colourful Bangkok  Airway plane
Can you spot Wat Khao Hua Juk?
In flight meals

The plane touched down at Changi airport ahead of the estimated time. It feels good to be at home.
Changi airport

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