Friday, 29 March 2013

Lombok trip – 29 Mar 13

I decided to try out egg benedict for breakfast while hubby had croissant for a changed.

We will be having the full day snorkeling today. Erlan has informed us to meet him at the beach front of Qunci Villa as the boat will be waiting there. Wow we can board the boat without travelling to the jetty. Other than hubby and me, we have a guide and a boatman travelling together, this boat is exclusively for us only! We never took a private boat before and this is our first time. We just have to enjoy the sun, sea and wind! The boat journey from Qunci Villas to Gili Trawagan took an hour.
Traditional schooner
We are the only passengers!
Fishing schooners
Gili Trawangan

The boat dock in the sea and we just jump into the sea for snorkeling. Our guide swim at the front and guided us. There are lots of fishes and we even spotted a turtle. Hehe... The benefit of a private tour is that we can snorkel till we had enough. Then we continue to Gili Meno to snorkel before we round up the snorkeling trip at Gili Air. Life jacket, snorkeling fins and masks are provided for us. I realized that I swam even faster than hubby with the fins. =p
The sea is so clear

The boat dock at Gili Air and we had lunch at a cafe. After lunch, our guide brought us to another part of Gili Air and we feed the fishes with the bread provided by our guide. It's extremely fun to be surrounded by the fishes. Too bad that my camera is not waterproof hence I can't take photos under the sea.
Lunch @ Gili Air
Spaghetti for lunch
View of Lombok island in the background
Viking ship
Pearl farm

We return back to Bangsal jetty. Erlan was waiting for us here and sent us back to the hotel.
Bangsal jetty

We wanted to have a change for dinner tonight hence we asked the receptionist to help us make a reservation at the Square Restaurant. There is complimentary pick up for those guests staying in Senggigi area too.

The driver from Square Restaurant arrived at 7pm to pick us up and we reached the restaurant in 10mins as it's not very far from Qunci Villas.
Square Restaurant

We ordered a main course from the daily special menu - Chicken Breast Rollatini and a 5 set course which comes with appetiser, fish course, sorbet, meat course and dessert. The meat course which hubby chose was Flame Grilled Lamb Rack and the lamb smell was pretty strong hence he only ate a few mouthful of the course. The other courses were average and I'm quite disappointed with Square Restaurant as it was ranked one of the best restaurant in Senggigi.

After our dinner, we arranged with the restaurant to send us back to Qunci Villas.

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