Monday, 1 April 2013

Lombok trip – Epilogue

As mentioned in my prologue, I didnt include trekking at Mount Rinjani for this trip. I may visit Lombok again as I saw in the internet that the summit view of Mount Rinjani is awesome! It's not an easy trek hence pre-trekking training and preparation is required.

Spending a holiday in Lombok is not cheap unless it's a budgeted holiday. Getting around in Lombok is expensive as hiring a driver and car cost almost $80-$90 a day which is almost twice the amount paid in Bali. Lombok is huge so it's advisable to hire a driver to get around unless intention is to stay in the resort itself. 

The food pale in comparision to the food in Bali. Although we went to Square restaurant which is one of the top ranking restaurant in Senggigi, it doesnt set the standard as one of the best. The paid meals we had in Qunci restaurant are mediocre which is quite disappointing.

I seldom stay in expensive resort or hotel as most of time I'll be spending my time outside. This time round I choose to stay at a better resort as we has spent a full day inside the resort. Although we didnt use the facilities in the resort but it's feels good to pamper ourselves once in a while. =p Hubby and I both agreed that it will be good to have such rest and relax holiday annually.

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