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Surabaya trip – 29 Apr 13

We had complimentary breakfast at level 1 beside the lobby. The breakfast is buffet style with a mixed variety of Asia and Western food.
Breakfast variety

Our first attraction in Surabaya is Suramadu bridge. This is the longest bridge in Indonesia and connects the mainland Java to Madura island. Actually I have asked the driver to stop the van near the shore for us to take photos, but there is no stopping point there hence we have to cross the bridge to Madura island. The toll fee is IDR70,000 ~ S$9 is payable when crossing over to Madura island. There is no toll fee for the trip back.
Suramadu Bridge
Stalls near Suramadu Bridge
This boat reminds me of Lombok

We returned to Surabaya and visited Masjid Ampel. Masjid Ampel is the most sacred mosque in Surabaya hence female are required to wear conservatively even when one is nearby the area. We could not go near the mosque as we are wearing shorts hence we waited nearby for the guys who could went to the mosque with our guide.
Stalls near Masjid Ampel
All females are fully covered and wearing hijab
Masjid Ampel

The driver has passed by Hotel Majapahit and we took photos from the road. I have planned to have high tea here but we didnt return later due to terrible traffic jam in Surabaya.
Hotel Majapahit
Gedung Negara Grahadi

We visited Masjid Al Akbar Surabaya which is the largest mosque in Surabaya. I have forgotten the opening hours of the minaret but it is not open during 12 - 1pm and admission is IDR5,000 ~ S$0.60. Females are required to be dressed conservatively and renting of the robe is available here. 
Masjid Al Akbar Surabaya

The lift from the ground level to the top of the minaret is small and extremely slow. I feel that it took almost 5 min to reach the top which is 65m tall. The view from the top is not spectacular at all and the viewing panel is quite dirty.
View from the minaret

We had a tour around the mosque after coming down from the minaret.
A clock with missing hands
Prayer hall

We had lunch at Ayam Bakar Prima Rasa and there are few outlets in Surabaya.
Famous people  who visited Ayam Bakar Prima Rasa
Ayam Bakar Prima Rasa
Corridor leading to the washroom

We ordered ayam bakar, gurami bakar, gurami goreng and satay. Gurami fish is quite a popular dish here as it is recommend in most of the restaurants.
Food we ordered

We bought kek lapis from Spikoe, a very popular shop in Surabaya. Add: Jl Rungkut Mapan Barat 4/BD-25, Surabaya, Indonesia. There are 2 type of kek lapis and the price is either IDR55,000 ~ S$7 or IDR65,000 ~ S$8.

We visited Monumen Kapal Selam, a real KRI Pasopati 410 type Whiskey Class Russia Submarine used in 1952 by the Indonesian Navy. Opening hours: 8am - 10pm and admission is IDR5,000 ~ S$0.60. 

The interior of the submarine is open for viewing. As the height of the submarine is low, we have to keep a look out for our head when crossing the doors between the different rooms.
Monumen Kapal Selam
Interior of Monumen Kapal Selam

There are few statues of the crocodile and shark in Surabaya. Surabaya is locally believed to derive its name from the words "sura" (shark) and "baya" (crocodile), two creatures which, in a local myth, fought each other in order to gain the title of "the strongest and most powerful animal" in the area according to a Jayabaya prophecy.
Sura and baya statue
Empire Palace Hotel
Monument Kapal Selam
Bank of Indonesia

Our driver seems to have a bit of difficulty finding Masjid Cheng Ho and by the time we reached the mosque, the sky has already darken at 7pm. Our guide told us that we can take photos from the road and can not enter the mosque. Masjid Cheng Ho looks like a Chinese temple from afar and doesn't resemble a mosque at all.
Masjid Cheng Ho

We had dinner at D' Cost Seafood. The waiter here is not proficient in English hence we pointed to those photos hanging on the wall to place our order. The food served is mediocre and I am very disappointed with the food eaten in Surabaya. 
D' Cost seafood

After our dinner, we told the guide that we want to go for massage. The driver drove to a street where there are several massage shops. However these massage shops look sleazy hence we return to the hotel and rest for the day. 

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