Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Surabaya trip – Epilogue

Surabaya is not a place which I will visit again. I have visited both Mount Bromo and Madakaripura waterfall hence mission accomplished. I doubt I will return for Ijen crater as it's a 6hr journey from Surabaya.

Climbing Mount Bromo and trekking to Madakaripura waterfall is definitely the highlight of this trip. This is my 2nd time waking up so early to see the sunrise. The first time was at Alishan. We are amazed with our jeep driver on driving to the viewing point at dawn. It's pitch dark and there is no proper road yet he knew the direction. Furthermore it's quite dangerous to drive in the dark on the winding slope. The sunrise is awesome with Mount Bromo and the other 2 volcanoes surrounded by the sea of clouds. I love watching sunrise and sunset cos it may not appear even if you waited to watch it, it really depends on luck!

It seems that those spectacular waterfalls require some trekking before reaching. It's not a simple and easy path to the waterfall but worth it upon reaching the base of the waterfall. Madakaripura waterfall is comparable to Air Terjun Tiu Kelep in Lombok. Both are the nicest waterfall which I have visited so far. Hopefully I will get to visit Niagara waterfall one day cos it's one of the most spectacular waterfall.

The traffic condition in Surabaya is bad and we wasted quite a bit of travelling time. Hence my itinerary in Surabaya was not followed at all. Overall, the service from our guide and driver is alright. Although sometimes our guide couldn't translate some of the phrases but at least he knew the basic ones. I can't imagine without a driver or guide who can speak English after the previous experience from the Bandung trip.

It's a disappointment that we didn't ate any nice food during this trip. The chicken in Indonesia are those kampung chicken and are pathetic with little meat. Among all those Indonesia destinations which I have been so far, the food in Bali is the best.

I have written an article about this trip and I feel extremely happy when it was featured in my Company's newsletter.

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