Sunday, 19 October 2014

Chiang Mai trip – 19 Oct 14

I had museli while hubby had Phad Thai which is a change from the western breakfast which we had yesterday. The museli portion is huge and I couldn't finished it.
Phad Thai

As there was no guest occupying Monorah room, we shifted our belongings from Ayutthaya room to here after having our breakfast. The bathroom is huge which is almost the same size as the bedroom itself. We chose this room as it comes with a jacuzzi which we make use of it almost everyday.
Monorah room

After resting for a while, we went out and took a songthaew to Chiang Mai zoo (THB20) where we changed to another songthaew (THB40) to Doi Suthep. The songthaew driver who drop us at the zoo offered to drop us at Doi Suthep but he's asking for THB300 ~ S$12 per pax which is ridiculously expensive when it's only THB60 ~ S$2.30 for 2 songthaew rides albeit waiting for the songthaew to be full load before departing for Doi Suthep. We declined his offer and alighted at Chiang Mai Zoo. Look out for the below poster for the songthaew leaving for Doi Suthep. We did not waited long, about 10min for the songthaew to be full load.
Songthaew to Doi Suthep

The journey upload is winding and we swing from left to right whenever there is a turn. After a 20min ride, we reached the Doi Suthep car park. We feel the difference in temperature once we step out of the songthaew. It's cooling here as it's 1,600m above sea level.
Stalls at the car park of Doi Suthep

From the base, visitor can climb 309 steps up to Doi Suthep or take a tram for THB30 ~ S$1.20. We chose to climb up as the steps are not difficult to conquer. The steps are lined with rows of stalls at the side.
Souvenirs and food stalls
Young girl dress up in tribal costume

There is an admission fee of THB30 ~ S$1.20 and rental of sarong is available for THB10 ~ S$0.40. Visitors have to be properly dressed before entering the temple, i.e. no sleeveless, no shorts or skirts above knee. The temple is quite crowded with tourist and locals as there ain't any empty corner when we roamed around.
Wat Prathat Doi Suthep วัดพระธาตุดอยสุเทพ
Golden Chedi

From the back of the temple, we can see Chiang Mai airport and the city, albeit parts of the view blocked by the trees.
Aerial view of Chiangmai airport
Aerial view of Chiangmai city

We went back to SP chicken for lunch again. Today we ordered the whole chicken, grilled pork rib and tom yum goong for THB370 ~ S$14. The grilled pork rib is not as tender as the grilled pork but the tom yum goong is good. The tom yum goong must be sour, sweet and spicy to hubby's liking and this one has met his standard. 
Lunch @ SP Chicken

We then returned to Seven Senses Guesthouse and rest till 5pm before going back to the old walled city area. Every Sunday, some of the roads in the old walled city area from Tha Phae Gate will be closed to traffic for the walking street.
Tha Phae Gate
Stall owners setting up for Sunday walking street

We had massage at Lila Thai massage which was recommended by Noot and has 5 branches inside the old city walled area. The masseurs here wore standard uniform which gave a professional image. Moreover the slots are full when we reached and we have to wait for half an hour before our turn. Hubby and I agreed that their massage can't be that lousy. We had 90min Thai massage for THB300 ~ S$12. After being disappointed with the massage for the past two days, this one met our expectation and we regretted not knowing Lila Thai massage earlier. 
Lila Thai Massage
Useful instruction

Unlike the Night Bazaar which is filled with imitation designer labels, the Sunday Market is a showcase of the art and craftsmanship of the Northern Thai people. There are food stalls, clothes stalls, souvenirs stall and even street performance. Hubby and I like the handicraft sold here and we planned to buy the deco items for our house in the future.
Crowded with people
Drinks and food stall
Souvenir stalls
Home display and decorative items
Buskers and other interesting stalls

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