Thursday, 23 October 2014

Chiang Mai trip – Epilogue

I was expecting the weather in Chiang Mai to be cool but it's almost as hot as Singapore minus the humidity. I guess the temperature will be much lower from Dec to Feb which coincides with the high season. 

Chiang Mai is moving at a slower pace compared to Bangkok and is a popular place for retirement. I even suggested to hubby that we can give this a thought when we retire in the future. Recently I read an article in the Straits Times that there are many foreigners retiring here and they interviewed a Singaporean.

Both hubby and I like the Sunday walking street and even after spending 4 hours, we couldn't complete visiting all the stalls as it's too big. It's similar to Taiwan night markets but the items sold by the stalls here offers much more variety.

Among the activities which we did in Chiang Mai, the cooking class is the most interesting and most enjoyable. The cooking class aint difficult at all and it's value for money. I plan to cook these dishes when I'm back in Singapore.

I hope to return to the northern part of Thailand in the future and visit Pai, Mae Hong Son, Mae Sai and Chiang Rai.

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