Sunday, 22 October 2006

Sibu island trip - 22 Oct 06

I woke up at 6.30am and went for a walk. The air outside is so refreshing.

Taken from the balcony in the morning

We had breakfast at the Lamba Lamba Cafe House. Our snokelling starts at 9am hence we only have about an hour for breakfast. The breakfast variety is quite limited.

I didn't took my camera along so no photo was taken during the snokelling. Well, this is my 1st time snokelling and I still can't get used to it. We took a speedboat to Pulau Sibus Kukus for snokelling. There are a lot of purple jellyfishes here. Initially we were quite afraid as we do not know if the jellyfishes are poisonous or not. The guide reassured us that they are not poisonous. The variety of fishes is quite limited. I heard from Chew Hiang that the variety here can't be compared to Redang. We snorkelled for 3hrs before returning back to the resort for lunch.

Four of us shared a plate of fish & chips and a chicken chop which cost us RM 43.50. We are given RM 40 voucher hence this lunch only cost RM 3.50 (~ S$1.5) for the 4 of us. We can't eat too full as we intend to kayak after lunch

This is the beach where we kayak. Actually it cost RM 40 for 2 hrs but they only charged us RM 35. Me and Daiming in 1 kayak while Chew Hiang and Fredrick in another. Daiming was quite good @ kayak and canoe as he used to be a scout. Most of the time, it's Daiming who is paddling and i only paddle once in a while. It was really fun n tired. By the time we finished, it was low tide n we had to drag our kayak for quite a distance back to where we rented.

It is almost 3 plus and we decide to go swimming, jacuzzi and sauna again. Chew Hiang and I wanted to go suana again as we only went in for a while yesterday.

We had booked a sunset cruise which cost RM 20/ person. Well, there is nothing much to see as there was no sunset! After the cruise, we felt that it's really not worth the price.

Daiming holding the sun
Sunset cruise
Me, Chew Hiang & Daiming on the cruise

By the time the cruise ended, it was about 7pm and we had buffet dinner. Today's dinner was not as good as yesterday one.

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