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Cameron, KL & Malacca trip - 18 Feb 07

It's 4am on 年初一 and I've to wake up so early! Cos we've to reach the travel agency @ Selegie road before 5.30am. Ah.... so so so sleeply although I slept @ around 11pm on 除夕夜. We booked a cab cos so early where got cab on the street! We left our house @ around 5am and reach the travel agency @ around 5.15am, not much cars on the street cos i think everyone was still sleeping at this moment.

We register @ the travel agency and was given our seat no. for the M'sia bus. We have to take a S'pore bus to M'sia custom which is free seating but after the M'sia custom, we change to a M'sia bus n our seat no. is 9-12 which is the 3rd row. Luckily ah, cos my mom dun like to seat @ the back of the bus. Phew.....
We depart from Selegie @ around 6am n reach the S'pore Tuas Custom @ around 6.30am. No jam so clearance was a breeze. Soon we reach the M'sia custom and oso no jam.... Took some photos while waiting for the rest of the tour group.
My sis & I
My dad & I

We reach Yong Peng for breakfast @ around 8.45am and was given 1/2hr for our meal. I ate yong dao fu cos I wanna have something light cos the tour guide told us tt the journey to Cameron Highland takes abt 7hrs (not including stop for meals and toilet breaks). The yong dao fu cost me RM7 ~ S$3.50, abt S'pore price so not v expensive lah...

Our tour bus for the whole of 3 days trip


Inside the bus
Our tour guide - Mr Wee

While waiting for everyone to board the bus before we left Yong Peng, we took some photos cos when the bus is moving, a bit difficult to take photo. Hmm... the disadvantage of a tour group is tt u have to wait for everyone to board the bus before the bus can depart....

Our shoes

Our bus only stop @ once for toilet break which is around 12pm and continue all the way to Simpang Pulai. The tour guide told us tt the bus wouldn't be stopping cos afraid tt there may be jam along the expressway. N true enough, there is jam on the expressway. All b'cos of policemen, tt's y all the vehicles r driving so slow... Wow... our bus driver super good..... he drove on the inner lane... but luckily we saw the policemen quite far away n the bus driver cut into the lane otherwise dunno whether will be fine or not....

Finally we reach Tapah @ 2pm for our lunch. There was so many people there and all are Malay stalls, even chicken rice and duck rice stall... Hmm... the tour guide only give us 1/2hr for lunch and the queue @ all stalls r so so so long.... My dad n I queue @ the chicken rice stall and my mom n sis was searching for seats. Each plate of chicken rice cost RM3 ~ S$1.50 but the taste is not so good....

Our lunch

We left Tapah n continue our way to Simpang Pulai. There are 2 routes to Cameron Highland - either through Tapah or Simpang Pulai. Simpang Pulai is the newer road and is wider and less winding. Our bus drive up to Cameron Highland via Simpang Pulai which is further north of Tapah.

Tapah toll station

During the colonial era, Cameron Highlands mountain resort was a haven for the British who were station in Malaya. Cameron Highlands was first stumbled upon by William Cameron, a government surveyor while on a mapping expedition in 1885. He discovered a plateau at an elevation of 1370-1700 meters above sea level and was so enamored by the wide area of gentle slopes and plateau land that he gave an endearing report.

Cameron Highlands consists of 9 main towns and villages from south to north - Ringlet 冷力, Bertam Valley 巴登威利, Tanah Rata 丹那拉打, Brinchang 碧兰璋, Kea Farm 吉亚村, Tringkap 直冷甲, Kuala Terla 瓜拉特拉, Kampung Raja 甘榜拉惹 and Blue Valley 兰谷.

Cameron Highland here I come.... The route via Simpang Pulai is smoother

Usually there is land slide during the raining season hence grass are being planted on the cliff to prevent soil erosion.

We reach our 1st stop - Green View Garden @ Kampung Raja around 4.30pm. I think the journey takes abt 1 1/2hr up the hill. Green View Garden is a vegetable, strawberry, cactus farm like rojak ah....The tour guide give us only 1/2 hr to tour around. Hmmm.... tt's the disadvantage of joining a tour group cos always have limited time!

So many vegetable...
原来草莓的花是白色的! So many flowers!

White hibiscus Black grapes! Cactus

Wow... so big.... Tomato.... So colourful....

Flowers everwhere My sis missing in the photo cos she's taking for us...Haha....

We bought strawberry teas, dried strawberry snacks, dried cherry tomatoes snacks & yam cookies. I feel tt these r a bit expensive cos these cost RM 30 ~ S$15. By the time we left Green View Garden, it's drizzling.

Pass by so many farms on our way to the next destination

We reach our next stop - Cameron Valley Bharat Planatation which is situated next to the road @ 5.30pm.

Tea plantation

So sunny! Tea shop Drinking teh tarik

After visiting the tea plantation, we are on our way to the next stop - Kampong Tringkap. On our way, we saw a lot of land rovers. B.t.w land rover is the only mode of transport @ Bukit Larut (formerly known as Maxwell Hill) - another hill resort @ Perak.
Land rovers
Kampong Tringkap
Our bus stop @ Kampong Tringkap for 1/2 hrs. There are quite a no. of vegetable and flowers stall.
Vegetable stalls
So many colours!
Sweet corn

Admission fees is required to enter the rose valley so we only took photos outside.

Rose valley
@ Rose valley
Pitcher plant
By the time we arrive @ our next stop is watercress farm, it's abt 6.30pm. @ Watercress farm

This farm oso grow starwberry but most have been plucked so not much strawberry left. Sob sob...

Strawberry where r u?

The tour guide recommend us the watercress soup which is RM 2 ~ S$1. The soup was so so so sweet and tasty. We oso try the 茶叶蛋. It is nice and comparable to the one I ate in Hong Kong. The 茶叶蛋 @ our pasar malam cannot be compared to this.

Watercress soup
The tour guide mention to us that our next stop which is the catus farm and after this we would be going to the pasar malam @ Brinchang. B.t.w, the pasar malam is only held during wkend. For peak period, it'll oso be held during the wkdays.
So many purple flowers....
Dunno wat flower?
Wow... so many cactus!
Cactus everywhere
Dunno this is cactus or not?

Someone told me before that the scenary in Genting is breathtaking but I feel tt Genting is too commercialised. I prefer the more laid-back Cameron Highland. Everything is so natural. The air is so so so different... but too bad i can't bring back the air...

My favourite scenary

After leaving the cactus farm, we reach Bringchang nite market @ around 8pm. On our way to Brinchang, there is traffic jam all the way from the cactus farm, probably b'cos of the nite market, tt's y there is traffic jam. We were given 1 hr to shop @ the pasar malam. A lot of vegetable stalls... n oso food stalls... I ate corn which is so so so sweet and delicious (4get to take photo).
The vegetable cost RM 10 for 7 packets
Jumbu apple which taste better than guava but a bit expensive
The orange is oso v sweet not sour @ all...
Now is already 10pm and we have not eaten our dinner yet. Luckily we ate a bit here n there so we were not v hungry. We left Brinchang and are on our way to our hotel - Heritage hotel @ Tanah Rata. We'll be having our steamboat dinner @ the hotel. However the food dun taste very nice.... Probably in the future if I come to Cameron Highland again, gonna eat steamboat @ the shophouses... will definitely taste better.

Our dinner

We didn't eat a lot cos afraid tt later can't turn in. By the time we finished our dinner, it's 11pm. We proceed to the lobby to collect our room keys and were given 2 connected rooms. Below are the photos taken in the bedroom....

( I think I always took photo of hotel toilet, haha...)
Our bed
Door linking the 2 room

>>Day 2: 19 Feb 07

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