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Cameron, KL & Malacca trip - 19 Feb 07

Although the morning call is @ 7am, I was woke up @ 6.30am by the tv cos my dad switch on the volume so loud n it woke me up. I start to pack my things as we are going to have breakfast later and we have to board the bus @ 9am.

Forget to give a brief introdution about the hotel tt we r staying. Heritage hotel is a tudor styled hotel which is located @ Tanah Rata n is 1,500 meters above sea level. Wow.... The photo taken nice rite? There r oso other tudor styled hotel in Cameron Highland.... cos in the past.... the British like to live in Cameron Highland b'cos of the cool weather.

Balcony of the rooms
the sun has not rise yet
@ the Balcony
After packing our things, we went to have our breakfast at the hotel. Well, the food r so so.. nothing really fancy me...

After having our breakfast, we check-out n wait for the bus. Took some photo while waiting for the remaining people in the tour group to check out.

Ceiling of the reception

Some of our tour group members checking out

Hotel lobby

Hotel main entrance

@ the hotel lobby (Hmm... the display is more japanese than chinese)

Me & my mom

Me & sis Happy family

The bus descent through the old road which is more winding.

On our way downhill, the bus pass by the Lakehouse - another tudor styled hotel but it's a bit expensive. My colleague stayed in this hotel before and she mentioned tt the room is quite nice and there is fireplace in the hotel.
The LakehouseOn our way downhill, we passed by another town - Ringlet
Orang Asli ("aboriginal peoples" in Malay)Orang Asli Kampong

After passing Ringlet, the tour guide told us tt we would be passing by a waterfall later and the bus would stop there for a while.

Welcome sign to Iskandar waterfall Me @ Iskandar waterfall Stalls @ Iskandar Waterfall Some of the things sold @ the stall

By the time we reach Tapah, i think i feel a bit of motion sickness. I think the descending of the winding roads tooks abt 1hr. On the way to KL, i feel better after taking a rest.

Bye bye Cameroon Highland

We ate the baby tomatoes and strawberries which we bought in Cameron Highland. The strawberry was a bit sour but the tomatoes r very sweet.

Vegetables that we bought
The tour guide ask where we wanna have our lunch cos lunch is not inclusive in the package. He suggest whether we wanna eat @ a restuarant n he has to make reservation. All of us agree as we wanna eat something better, unlike yesterday where the queue is so long n the food is not so nice. N the cost is RM18 ~ S$8 which includes 6 dishes n 1 soup for 10 ppl which is quite reasonable.

Restaurant where we have our lunch

After filling our stomach, we depart for our next stop - KL. We reached KL around 2pm. I dun think tt I need to introduce KL bah... KL is the capital of M'sia.

Saw the tallest building @ the left side of the photo?
That is the hotel tt we're gg to stay overnite

I feel tt KL is v much like S'pore cos KL oso has LRT and monorail. Dunno y they build LRT and monorail, they should either build LRT or either monorail. KL should be quite easy to navigate cos they have so many mode of public transport. Hmmm... I dun mind coming back again since the public transport is quite convenient...

LRT station Monorail station

We passes by KL Tower, or Menara Kuala Lumpur is the world’s fifth tallest structure at 421 m. A telecommunications tower, it was completed in 1995 and houses a revolving restaurant at the top.

KL TowerInnovative advertismentPolice station???

The Petronas Twin Towers @ 452 m high is the world’s second highest structure and tallest twin tower. The tallest is Taipei 101 but by end of next yr it will be overtaken by Dubai. The sky bridge linking the 2 towers are open to public except Monday but need 2 queue for the tickets cos the tour guide told us tt there is only 800 tickets a day.

@ Petronas twin tower

We stop @ a chocolate shop where there r a lot of variety of chocolate. Hmmm... but dun really fancy me cos i'm not a great fan of chocolate. N somemore, i think Europe chocolate taste better, no discrimination. I really got eat b4 so tt's my opinion.

They have a lot of variety chocolate here... coconut chocolate, tiramisu chocolate (too bad... no sample.... i like tiramisu... sob sob...), durian chocolate (really got durian smell)...... In the end, my sis bought a box of white chocolate.

Chocolate shop Chocolate shoePosing @ the entrance

While waiting for the remaining group members, I happen to saw tt there is stool for ppl to climb up the bus stairs in another bus. 服务还真不错!

We reach KLCC @ around 3pm. The tour guide told us tt we can either shop in KLCC or can visit the fish aquarium. Sian.... dunno wanna shop cos only got 2 hr to shop... not enough! So we decided to follow the tour guide to the fish aquarium.

Wow so tall... can't shoot the whole buidling cos i didn't lay on the floor... haha....Inside KLCC

The Aquaria KLCC located in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre nearby the Twin Towers. The entrance fees is not cheap RM 38 ~ S$17, hmmm... quite ex....

Hmm... this monkey dun wanna turn his head over when i'm shooting. Saw the stingray?
Saw these outside the toilet, oops....
Some of the fishes in the aquarium
I found Nemo!

After leaving KLCC, we reach our hotel @ around 6pm. The tour guide give us 1 1/2hrs to settle down. The hotel tt we r staying is Grand Season Hotel which is the tallest hotel in KL.
Reaching our hotel soon

We were given 2 connected rooms again and it's on the 21st floor... Wow... I've not stayed on such a high floor in a hotel b4.

Hmmm... the toilet is quite clean
Our bedroom
I can c the ferry wheel from the hotel's room, can oso c the monorail and LRT station.

We gather @ 7.30pm and the bus took us to Sungai Wang. Not much shops open, probably b'cos of CNY. We were given until 10pm to shop on our own. We were quite hungry so we look around whether there r food court or not. All r fast food restaurant r on the ground floor. Hmmm..... then we went to the highest floor n the food in the restaurant look quite reasonable. We ordered lemongrass chicken rice for my dad, seafood noodle for my mom, my sis n I share satay chicken rice n a dish which got roti prata wrapping ham, tomato n lettuce. Our dinner cost RM40 ~ S$18 for 4 people which is quite reasonable lah.

At 10pm, we left for the famous Petaling Street - Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown. The tour guide give us 1/2 hr to take a walk there... he emphasized not enough time to shop there... We just took a walk n u-turn back.

Entrance of Chinatown

We still have some time after taking a short walk n saw a shop @ the entrance selling 龟苓膏 so we decided to have a quick bite here. The 龟苓膏 cost RM 8 ~ S$3.60, quite a big bowl but it's not nice, the 龟苓膏 @ Red Star Restaurant is better (b.t.w Red Star is a restaurant selling dim sum @ Chinatown, near Chinatown OG)

We reach the hotel @ 11pm. So tired..... Luckily just now bath already so can turn in now.... Oh... can see Genting from my room.

Night view of KL

See some lights in the dark background... should be Genting bah...

>>Day 3: 20 Feb 07

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