Friday, 20 April 2007

Krabi trip - Prologue

This is my 3rd trip within a period of 3 mths. Suddenly feel like it's too over, seems like my trips are so hectic and I start to wonder if I would enjoy my trips more if the frequency of my trips are not so pack.

Well, my purpose of travelling is enjoyed myself, 放慢我的脚步 as work is already so stressful. If my trips are also so stressful, then I might as well don't travel. My mom recently make a comment that if I feel so stressful organising trips, then why not book with travel agency. My mom said that since work is already so stressful, then why make yourself even more stress  by organising trip? Well, I know mom is concern about me.

For this trip to Krabi, I'll be going with Chew Hiang, Fredrick n Huiying. I think this is the 4th trip that I have went with Chew Hiang. Just that coincidentally when I wanted to travel, she is also available. But I have promised Celine that we will travel in the 2nd half of the year.

Map of Krabi

Krabi province is situated on the southwest coast of Thailand facing the Andaman Sea. Phuket is west of Krabi but unlike Phuket, Krabi is not an island. Compared to Phuket, Krabi is not so commercialised although it's getting more n more popular nowadays. Just to name a few famous place in Krabi province r Krabi town, Ao Nang, Railay, Koh Lanta, Phi Phi Island (made famous by "The Beach" which stars Leonardo DiCaprio).

I book the airticket to Krabi with Tiger Airways back in Dec 06. At that time, there was promotion and airticket cost only $1.99, incredible right? Initially, we intend to go during the period of Good Friday but there was no more cheap tickets, so we settled on 21 - 24 Apr. The return airticket only cost $102.01 including taxes. I discovered that departing on sat is much more cheaper than departing on Fri. Hence we choose to travel from Sat - Tue instead of Fri - Mon since we still have to apply for 2 days leave.

For accommodation, I have only booked it recently. Although did my research quite long time ago, still couldn't come to a conclusion on the accommodation. In the end, we decided on a beach resort - Wanna's Place cos I really very tired to do research now. It was recommended by Fredrick as he has a colleague who stayed there before. It cost THB1,540 for a standard room w/o breakfast for 2 people. Well, it is still within my budget as it cost ~ S$102 for 3 nights. The resort also provide bus transfer which cost THB500 ~ S$25 per way, so work out to about $6 per person.

Recently, the S$ had depreciate against Thai Baht cos previously S$1 ~ Baht 25 now it's only $1 ~ Baht 21. I have changed THB10,000 as accommodation has to be paid upon checking in then I'm left with $350 for food and others which should be more than enough. Krabi is not a shopping paradise like Bangkok so I doubt I'll spend much.

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