Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Kuantan-Genting-Ipoh-Cameron trip - 17 Feb 09

This time i going to quite a couple of places in Malaysia. Our first destination is Kuantan in Pahang. As Joe is going there for biz trip and is driving there so i tag along. We reached Malaysia custom at around 10.30am and had some food before we embark on our long journey. We reached the highway around 11.15am. We took the highway to KL and from there to Kuantan as this is the only highway route. The journey from Johor to KL is around 300km which will takes abt 2hrs plus. On the way, we had a toilet break and reached KL around 2pm.
Police car

JB toll station

300km to go before we reach KL

KL toll station

Just follow the sign

Flats in KL

Innovative advertisment
KL tower and Petronas twin towers

Building seems familiar?

Such a special car plate cos vehicle license plates used in Peninsular Malaysia start with a letter of the alphabet defining one of its states where the vehicles are registered with. J stands for Johor state, M (Malacca), N (Negri Sembilan), W (KL), B (Selangor), C(Pahang), A (Perak), P(Penang), T(Terengganu), D(Kelantan), K(Kedah), R (Perlis), Q (Sarawak), S(Sabah). Only Putrajaya has a full name to represent a region in its full name.
Putrajaya car plate

230km to go

Tunnel ahead

From KL to Kuantan, we passed by Genting and had our lunch somewhere near the foot of Genting at 2.30pm. We had MacDonald for lunch and left around 3pm and continue our journey. Must be after lunch effect, i feel quite sleepy and take a nap.

R & R station

Our lunch

Nice chalets near Bukit Tinggi
I thought it's a real person from afar!
Finally we reach Kuantan exit toll at around 4.45pm. From the exit toll to the hotel, we rely on the google map which Joe had printed out. Learnt something new about how to navigate from those highway and road code. Wow... the google map is quite accurate and we reached Vistana Hotel within 15min. We checked in first and our bedrooms are located at the 2nd floor.

Kuantan exit

Kuantan toll station

Vistana Hotel

Hotel lobby

The bedroom is quite posh, got bolster. ><" Haha... when travelling for leisure, i dun stay in such nice hotel loh cos cost is a factor. I must say thank you to Joe for letting me to stay in quite a nice hotel wow.
My luxury room
We left the hotel for dinner at 7.45pm. We drove around and most of the shops were closed. We drove quite a few streets before we found a place where there are a row of hawkers. I was wondering does the people here always cook at home? We ordered 4 dishes from the Zhi Char stall as there are 3 of us including Joe's ex-colleague. We didnt finished all the food as i found that it's too much for 3 of us.

Where we had our dinner
Longan water

Our dinner

Went back to the hotel at around 9.30pm. I had a rest and bath. Used the free wireless internet access in the room and blog abt the trip. As the internet access is a bit slow, i couldn't upload the photo. Haiz.... Gonna turn in liao, already 11.30pm.

>>Day 2: 18 Feb 09

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Bnane said...

how to go kuantan from genting? I'm from penang, i need to go to kuantan urgently tomorow morning, but i havent find out how to go to kuantan... T.T but i found your blog. *Stepped*