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Kuantan-Genting-Ipoh-Cameron trip - 18 Feb 09

Wake up at around 8am and pack our bags for check out. The breakfast is complimentary so we had our breakfast first. The breakfast variety is not a lot and the food don't taste nice. Even the tea dun taste like those normal lipton tea loh. -_-"

Where we had our breakfast
My breakfast

Joe's ex-colleague already had his breakfast and was waiting for us at the lobby. I'm quite amazed that Joe had not went to the factory before and he didnt print out any map and yet can navigate around with his ex-colleague mild impression on the route. After a bit of wrong navigation, we finally found the factory.

Sultan palace?
Kampung house

Industrial area

I was pretty bored inside the factory, walking around reading those manuals and instructions while Joe was observing and discussing with his ex-colleague. Spent around 1 hr in the factory and had some drinks before we left.

Inside the factory

On the way back to the hotel, we searched for keropok stall as my mom said the keropok here is nice. We found a keropok stall selling cooked one but i want raw one. Joe ask the stall lady and she told us the direction. When we reached there, it's a market selling live fishes, the stall lady give wrong direction leh. ><" I told Joe it's ok if we couldnt find but on our way back, we found one at the road side. I bought raw keropok, salted fish and sweet and spicy cuttlefish.

Keropok stall

South China Sea

We dropped Joe's ex-colleague at the hotel and set off for Genting. We reached the foot of Genting after 1.5hrs from Kuantan. The journey from the foot of Genting to the top takes another 1 hr. We bought some tibits at the foot as Joe told me that the tibits will be inflated when we reached the top. We decided to have our lunch at Genting as we already had Mac here yesterday.

By the way, this is my 1st visit to Genting, must be surprised right? Yes, i really didnt been to Genting before but i'm not the oldest who havent been to Genting cos one of Joe's friend is above 30 and just been to Genting, haha...

Genting Highlands is about 1850m above sea level and is a mountain peak within the Titiwangsa Mountains on the border between the states of Pahang and Selangor of Malaysia. It is sometimes informally known as the Las Vegas of Malaysia, dubbed the "City of Entertainment" as it is the only legal land-based casino in Malaysia.

Nice colonial style bunglow
One of the gate entry
Another gate entry
Still some way to go
Chin Swee Temple 清水岩庙

Reaching the top soon Views from the carpark

Faking cold, haha

We parked the car first and check into First World Hotel. First World Hotel is the second largest hotel in the world by rooms. It comprises Tower 1 and Tower 2, each with 28 floors, and has a total of 6,118 rooms. It is one of the hotels located in Genting. Others includes Awana Genting, Genting Hotel, Highlands Hotel, Resort Hotel and Theme Park Hotel.
Hotel lobby

We were given a room at Tower 2. Tower 2 is the newer hotel building. We booked 2 nights as there is 15% discount on the 2nd night.
Tower 2
Lift lobby

There is no air condition inside the room as the weather here is quite cool. The hotel can also save on electricity bill, haha... Heard from people that the room in First World Hotel is very small, indeed it's quite small lah.

Bedroom Toilet

We had our lunch at around 4.30pm after checking in. We had Starbuck's Tiramisu and Blueberry cheesecake for our late lunch. After that, i take a nap and wake up at around 6plus and take a bath before we search for our dinner.

Our lunch

We head for First World Plaza to search for our dinner. On the way there, I saw a minature Genting Highland at the hotel lobby. We looked around and decided on Kenny Rogers for dinner.

Minature of Genting Highland
First World Plaza

Our Kenny Roger dinner

After our dinner, we decided to check with the hotel receptionist whether there are rooms which has nice scenary. The hotel receptionist ask whether we would to like have theme park view or mountain view and we chose mountain view. There is an additional charge of RM20 but it's consider cheap.

The new room is much bigger than the previous one and there is fridge, safe, and cabinet. However the bathroom remains about the same.
Our new roomBathroom

After putting our belongings, we went back to First World Plaza for a stroll as we had yet to complete it just now.

Such a huge pot
Souvenir stalls
Snow world
Puppy toy
Indoor amusement park
Nice roses

Check my height

After finishing touring First World Plaza, we went to Genting Hotel using the sheltered walkways. Genting Hotel is much much posh than First World Hotel and definitely is much more expensive.

Nice hotel lobby

There are many dried food in display and i noted that there is no bird nest, must be too expensive and scared that will be stolen.

Wow... so many dried food

Nice pub entrance

We walked back to the First World Hotel and it's pretty cold at night. Like the feeling of the wind blowing at my face.

Night scenary

We dropped by the casino and this is my first time visit to a casino. Yup, last time didnt went to any casino when i went to Macau. OMG, so many people gambling. I dislike the cigarette smell and we went to the non-smoking area. Had a tour around the casino but i don't know how to play anyone of the game. ><" We play jackpot, Joe told me to just press the button loh, then i just follow suit. Hmm... in the end we finished all the credit, no luck. I tried the lucky wheel also no luck, seems that the lady luck is not by my side. We left and bought Jolly Sandy and had some potato chips for supper.

Inflated potato chips

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