Saturday, 21 February 2009

Kuantan-Genting-Ipoh-Cameron trip - 21 Feb 09

Wake up super early today to have dim sum breakfast. At 6am on sat morning, most of us should be still zzz. Joe said that the dim sum restaurant will be packed so we gotta go there early otherwise the dim sum will be sold out.

Me & Joe's niece - Angel

We reached the dim sum restaurant at 7am and it is already full of people. We ordered at least 10 basket of dim sum. The dim sum is not bad and is cheap!!! Only cost around S$20 for 4 adults.
Dim sum
Inside the restaurant

After that, we went to the market as Joe's mum want to buy some grocery. There are stretch of stalls selling chicken, meat, vegetable, fruits, clothes outside the wet market.

Rows of stalls
Meat stall

Fruit stall
Chicken stall
Roasted duck stall

Inside the wet market, there are stalls selling items from fish, meat, vegetable, dried products to stationaries, clothes, everything under one roof.

Wet market
Rice shop

School busAngel is so so so cute

After that, Joe sent his mum, sis and niece home before we went to Perak cave. Perak cave is located quite near his house, ~10-15min car ride. Joe told me that Perak has a lot of mountains and caves. Quite true cos i found out from the internet that the most diverse and vibrant ritual uses of caves anywhere in the world today is the 200 kilometer stretch of Peninsular Malaysia between Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh. The Ipoh area in Perak has the highest concentration of cave temples in Malaysia and the two famous temples in Perak are Sam Poh Tong and the Perak Cave Temple.

Perak cave is located at Gunung Tasek and houses over 40 Buddha statues. Too bad that we cant climb to the pavillion at the top as the stairs leading to the pavillion at the top of the cave is closed. This section of the cave collasped on 11 Jan 2009 and killed a security guard and injured some visitors.
Perak cave

Pavillion at the top of the cave

Next, Joe bring me to Dhamma Piti Forest Monastery. It's located below a cave. There were monks mediating when we reached. There was a woman asking us we are from Singapore and here for? Haha... cos the car plate is S. We looked around and left shortly.
Road to the monastery
House above a rock
What am i looking at?

To collect the water so that it wouldnt drip

Trees with long roots

We headed to Ipoh Perade, a shopping centre as i ran out of contact lens solutions and we want to shop for gift for Joe's friend. Not all the shops were open when we reached there around 10.30am. After buying the contact lens, we headed home as i am lacking of sleep.

Ipoh Perade
I slept from 11plus and wake up around 2plus. Joe's sis bought assam laksa, the gravy is delicious although there is not much ingredients in the laksa. Only see half a boiled egg inside, no fishcake, no prawns... The gravy is completely different from the laksa gravy we eated in Singapore. Hmm... the gravy has quite a strong smell of fish inside.

Assam laksa

Was watching HK TVB drama Gem of life 珠光宝气 the whole afternoon. Gem of life is a TVB grand production drama and was specifically filmed to celebrate TVB's 41st Anniversary. The plot is interesting and i get hooked after watching few episodes. I copied the DVDs so that i can watched it when i return to SIngapore. =p
We went to Joe's friend wedding buffet at around 6plus. By the time we reached his friend house, most of the visitors had already left so we are considered the last one. We chatted with his friend and his friend's husband until around 9plus and went back home.

Raining at the mountain side

My nails are the results of Joe's sister work. Now i realise that so much patience is required cos a small mistake will result in re-work again.
Nice right?

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