Monday, 23 February 2009

Kuantan-Genting-Ipoh-Cameron trip - 23 Feb 09

Today is the last day here and will be going back to Singapore. Time flies... holiday always pass by so fast. Wake up around 9am, didnt really sleep well, miss my bed, pillow n bloster, haha....
Pack my bags and load into the car boot before leaving for breakfast. Had Yong Tau Fu for breakfast. The yong tau fu ingredients is quite nice, mostly are fried one.
Yong Tau Fu
After breakfast, we set off at around 11am as i had driving lesson at 6pm. According to Joe, the journey from Ipoh to Singapore takes abt 5 1/2 hrs and hopefully there is no traffic jam.
My new hairstyle nice?

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Well Joe's estimation of time is quite accurate, we reached Malacca at around 2pm. I joked that he purposely drove according to the time he estimated. We passed by A&W at one of the R&R near Malacca on the journey to Kuantan so i requested that we have A&W on the return journey. I havent been eating A&W for so long as there is no more A&W outlets in Singapore. Craving for so so so long.

R&R station above the highway
Yeh!!! Finally can satisfy my craving
A&W outlet

I was quite disappointed with the ice-cream waffle as the waffle dun taste nice. Hmm... has the standard drop? Joe ordered a waffle in the mug, we tot that the waffle is soak inside the root beer but it's just bits of waffle in the mug wif ice cream on top.

Curly fries and root beer float
Waffle in the mug
Ice cream waffle

After our disappointed lunch, we head for Singapore and reached Tuas at around 5pm. Luckily there is no jam at Tuas checkpoint. Reached home at around 5.15pm and put my belongings and went for driving lesson.


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