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KL trip – 23 Dec 09

Meet Diana at Kranji MRT station at 8.15am and we board 170 to Johor Larkin bus terminal. It was a breeze at the immigration checkpoint and we reached Larkin bus terminal at 9am.

Once we alight the bus, there are people asking where we are going. We simply ignored them and walked away searching for the Transnational bus counter. Diana communicate to the lady at the counter in Malay and she told us that there is a 9am bus leaving for KL which has not yet departed. We bought the ticket for RM31.10 ~ S$13. The bus depart shortly after we board it. There were less than 10 people including us in the bus.

Larkin bus terminal
Interior of the bus
I'm engrossing in noting the time and money spent

On the way to KL, we discussed on the itinerary after we did some research individually. As the map in the guidebook is not detailed enough, we decided to go to the Tourism Centre to take some maps. Below is the tentative itinerary that we came up with:
Day 1: Malaysia Tourism Centre to take maps and Cosmo's World Theme Park
Day 2: Batu caves, Shopping at Sungei Wang and Bukit Bintang
Day 3: Petronas Twin Tower, KL Tower, Merdeka Square, KL Railway Station and Mines Wonderland
Day 4: Last minute shopping
After travelling for 2 hrs, the bus driver stop at one of the rest station along the highway. We went to the restroom and Diana bought some tibits as she didnt had breakfast in the morning.

Surprise to see this in the restroom at the highway
Van selling tibits, fruits and drinks
Transnational bus at the left & our red shirt bus driver
Bus stopping for CNG refilling

Bus refilling CNG

We reached KL at around 1.30pm. The first thing that greeted us in KL is traffic jam. Traffic jam is a norm in big cities, from KL, Ho Chi Minh, Taipei, Hong Kong to Singapore. But with the MRT, one is able to avoid being stuck for hours in the traffic jam.
Houses in distinctive contrasting colours Jams
Can spot the mini-statellite?

I liked the big billboard advertisements in Malaysia. Along the highway, there are also such advertisements. This is rare in Singapore.

Double A paper advertisement
Ryan Giggs advertisement
Abandon Prison

Finally we reached Puduraya bus terminal and we were figuring out our position right now to navigate to our hotel. We saw the Ancasa Hotel and from here, we walked towards Jalan Sultan where our hotel is situated.
Puduraya bus terminal
Jalan Sultan

The hotel that we are staying for the next 3 days
The check in process was quite fast and smooth since we had already paid for the room. We were given one access card and the breakfast coupon. Hmmm.... I wondered why we were not given 2 access card since there are 2 people staying in the room.

The 5 elements
Frontdesk counter
Hotel lobby
Inside the lift
Corridor to our room
The room is located at the 10th floor which is quite high as the hotel only has 14 floor. The room is quite spacious and clean. We settled our belongings and head out for our lunch.

Our room '1008'
View from our room
We walked along Jalan Sultan and decided to have KFC for lunch. I ordered a Zinger meal RM 7.60 ~ S$3, the side dish is cheese potato wedges which is yummy. The Zinger in Singapore taste much more better than the Zinger in Malaysia.
Zinger burger meal
After our meal, we walked to Pasar Seni (the nearest LRT station) to catch a train to Dang Wangi station where the Malaysia Tourism Board is located. We had to purchase single trip ticket as there is no such thing like our Ezlink card. They should improve on this as Hong Kong has Optus card and Taipei has Easycard. It is really a hassle to queue for single trip ticket when we are taking trains for several times a day. Not all stations has machines where we can buy tickets. I guess they are just creating jobs for their people. If everything is automated, then ain't the people there jobless?
The KL Railway station is located across the street and we can see it from the platform of Pasar Seni LRT station. I find that their LRT is more like our MRT except that there is only 2 carriage but each carriage has 3 doors.
KL Railway station
LRT approaching the station
After reaching Dang Wangi station, we took an escalator up to the ground level. We were figuring out where is the Dang Wangi station which is within walking distance from Bukit Nanas station. Well, their walking distance is almost a bus stop away. 0_0" The map in the guidebook is not detailed so I spent a while to figure out where the Malaysia Tourism Centre is and finally we found it.
I saw the Cocoa Boutique where I visited during my CNY trip to KL in 2007. We went in a while and saw group of people. This place is mainly cater to tour group as the last time I visit was with a tour group. They shows how chocolate is made and there are chocolate for sale. We spent less than 5 min and left.

No photography beyond this point
Malaysia Tourism Centre is located behind the Cocoa Boutique. It is a colonial building built in 1935 and is a spark contrast with the high rise building at the surrounding.
Malaysia Tourism Centre
I grabbed a couple of guidebooks, of cos not forgetting KL map. We decided to head to Merdeka Square first since it's only 4pm.

Why do they need traffic police when the traffic light is functioning?
Washroom along the street

We walked back to Dang Wangi station to take LRT to Masjid Jamek. We walked for about 10min before reaching Merdeka Square. It's scorching hot and we were perspiring non-stop. We hide under a shelter to take photos as the weather is really unbearable.
The Merdeka Square is similar to our Padang where their National Day events are held. There is a 100m flag pole which is reputedly the tallest in the world. Adjacent to the Merdeka Square is the Royal Selangor Club, a tudor structure house which is similar to our Singapore Cricket Club and Singapore Recreation Club since both are located at the edge of Padang. Across the road is Sultan Abdul Samad Building which was built in 1897 and now house the Malaysian Supreme and High Courts. Isn't this similar to our City Hall and Old Supreme Court?

Merdeka Square & Tallest flagpole in the whole
Royal Selangor Club
Sultan Abdul Samad Building
After spending 10min taking photos, we only had one thing in mind - Aircon. We decided to head to Berjaya Times Square. In order to head to Imbi monorail station, we had to change at Hang Tuah LRT station. We realised that their LRT-monorail interchange is unlike our Singapore MRT interchange where one does not need to get out of the station to change MRT line. Here, you need to exit the station and buy another ticket to enter the other interchange station.

Berjaya Times Square
Wow... 10 storey shopping centre
We stopped by 恭和堂 for herbal tea. There are 2 type of tea - Five flower tea and 'Wang Lao Ji' tea which were sweet and bitter respectively. The herbal tea cost RM2 ~ S$0.80.

Resting for a drink
After our drinks, we walked around the shopping centre and passed by a foot massage shop. The foot massage cost RM25 for 1/2 hr session. This is Diana first time trying out foot massage and she scared that it is painful.
Where we had our foot massage
Soaking our foot
Enjoying my foot massage
After our foot massage, we went to Cosmo World Theme Park which is located inside Berjaya Times Square. The staff at the counter ask for my IC and I was wondering do I look like I'm underage? Then staff said if no IC, the ticket cost RM 38. We changed our mind as the guidebook did not indicated that there was difference in price for local and foreigner. I just went to the website and found out that during wkday it's RM32 for Malaysian and RM38 for foreigner.
Indoor amusement park
We shopped around and the 3rd to 5th floor sells clothes and the concept is similar to Far East Plaza. We shopped until almost 9pm and left. On our way back to the hotel, we buy back some food from the stalls below our hotel for dinner. The chicken satay cost RM8 ~ S$3.30 for 10, the Portuguese fish cost RM13 ~ S$5.40 and the Kway teow cost RM3.5 ~ S$1.50. The Portuguese fish is a bit spicy but very delicious.
Night scene of the hotel
Portuguese fish
Fried kway teow

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