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KL trip – 25 Dec 09

Wake up at 7am today and went for breakfast at 8am. We were thinking what to choose if it's still menu type. Unlike yesterday, the breakfast is buffet type today. The food variety is quite limited, less than 10 choices - namely porridge, kway teow, omlette, hotdog, baked beans and muffins.
Breakfast spread
My breakfast

After our breakfast, we head to our first destination of today - KLCC skybridge.

Is it Proton or BMW?
Colourful signboard
Before coming to KL, went to my sis blog to do a brief research as she went to KL with her frenz before. However I found that her direction description of the shortcut from KLCC LRT station to KLCC is very confusing.

For those heading to KLCC skybridge, there is a shortcut instead of passing through the underpass to KLCC. Turn right after exiting the LRT gate and there is an escalator leading to the ground floor. Turn right again and exit the mall.
Shops at the right side of the KLCC LRT station

Cross the road and walk towards the below building at the right side.

Enter the building and either turn right or left to take an escalator to the ticket counter below.

Direction sign to Skybridge

There were no more tickets available when we reached there. We decided to come back again tomorrow and head to our next destination - KL Tower.

People mountain people sea

No more tickets
We took LRT from KLCC to Dang Wangi station. Then we took a cab to KL Tower which cost RM5 ~ S$2. The entrance fee to KL Tower is RM38 ~ S$15.80 which also includes complimentary admission to Animal zone, pony ride and F1 stimulator.
Reaching the star

The KL Tower is the fifth tallest telecommunication tower in the world after the CN Tower in Canada, the Ostankino Tower in Russia, the Oriental Pearl Tower in China and the Borj-e Milad in Iran. The lift to the observation deck takes only 50 seconds.

After reaching the observation deck, there are free audio player headsets available which provides a tour on the tower. Frankly speaking, although I'm wearing the headset but I'm not listening at all.

Ample of headsetsI'm listeningViews from KL Tower
Souvenir shops

After spending about 20minutes at the viewing podium, we took the lift back to the ground level.

Old types of public telephones
The 2 towers built by Telekom Malaysia

There are limited variety of animals inside the animal zone and we spent about 10mins inside.

Animal zonePythons

I saw 2 guys taking photo with pythons and parrots but I didnt notice that it is not free until I took a photo with a parrot. I felt very itchy as the parrot keep nimbling on my hair.

This photo cost RM5Other animals at random shoot

After touring the Animal zone, I wanted to try out the pony ride. Haha... luckily I'm below 50kg hence able to take the pony ride. I seems to put on weight nowadays, YQ even joke with me that I'm exceeding 50kg soon loh.

Cow girlListening to the instructionsPony ride

We went on to the F1 stimulator after that. The experience is similar to driving a daytona in the arcade.

Trying out the F1 stimulator

Who am i calling?

There is a shuttle bus at ~ 15min interval leaving from the KL tower to the base and vice versa. We waited for the bus as it is quite expensive to take a cab here.

Waiting for the shuttle bus

Shuttle bus station at the base of the towerKL Tower from the base
KL Tower aka Menara Kuala Lumpur

We walked back to Dang Wangi LRT station to take LRT to KLCC station for our lunch. On the way to the LRT station, I found this billboard very interesting. Malaysia is not a 4 season country so aint the heated toilet bowl targeting the wrong market?
Interesting advertisement
Bus stop
Hard Rock Cafe

I'm wondering whether the Malaysian government are encouraging people to use the overhead bridge or jaywalking since there are open divider in the middle of the road.
Able to spot the open divider?

Aftering exiting KLCC station, we walked along Jalan Ampang where the Nasi Kandar stall (Address: 149, Jalan Ampang) is located. It is directly opposite Corus Hotel.
Corus hotel
Nasi Kandar Pelita
Nasi Kandar stall
Now i know what is Nasi Kandar. It's actually mixed vegetable rice with few types of curry sauces splashed on top of the rice. I ordered the curry chicken which is quite spicy. Hopefully I do not get sore throat as I had been eating spicy food for the past few days.

Our lunch
Drinking starfruit juice

We walked back to KLCC as Diana wants to buy books at Kinokuniya. I went to the travel guide corner while Diana finds her book. The books at Kinokuniya are mostly wrapped hence there are only few books available for reading. Left KLCC and head to Masjid India as Diana wants to buy some clothes for her mom.

The 4 seasons bar

We spent quite a while figuring out how to get to Masjid India as the directional signs along the road are very confusing.

Bazaar at Masjid India A shop where Diana bought her mom clothes

After finished shopping, we went back to the hotel for a short rest. Intend to head to Mines Wonderland but change our mind and went to Berjaya Times Square instead. We went to Puduraya Terminal to enquire the timing for tomorrow coach back to Singapore.

We decided to purchase the tickets as there are limited tickets for tomorrow timing. The ticket price is the same at RM31.10.

Transnational counter

We reached Berjaya Times Square at around 6pm and had dinner at Wendy's fastfood restaurant. Wanted to try out as I read in the news recently that this fastfood restaurant reopens in Singapore. Wendy is famous for their square burger patties but I ordered Shrimp burget meal RM 12 ~ S$5 since I don't eat beef.
Our dinner
Malaysia also has free English newspaper but it's only available in the evening.

Free English newspaper

Had a quick browse through on the shops from level 3-5 and bought a knee length short. Went back to the shop I patronised on the first day for foot massage again. Head back to the hotel after that.

Turn in around 11pm as we gotta wake up earlier at 6am tomorrow for the KLCC skybridge.

My creation. =p

>>Day 4: 26 Dec 09

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