Saturday, 26 December 2009

KL trip – 26 Dec 09

If we managed to visit KLCC skybridge yesterday, we wouldn't have to wake up at 6am today. The breakfast today is similar as yesterday except the porridge, keow teow and muffins are changed to fried rice, mee mamak and melons.

We check out the hotel first and left our luggage with the hotel. By the time we reach KLCC, it's already 8am. Luckily we managed to enter the queue which is already very long. We are the above 300 people who queued as a queue tag is give to the first 300 people. There are 1,600 tickets issued everyday and each person who queue can takes up to 5 tickets. Ticket is only given out from 8.30am but people started queueing much earlier than that since admission is free.

Where is the end of the queue?
Taking a snap while queueing

OMG, when we saw the sceen, there are only 4 tickets before 12pm and we had to catch the bus back to Singapore at 1.30pm. We decided to queue a while more and if the 4 tickets are taken, we don't queue anymore. After queueing for more than 2 hrs, we left the place since those tickets before 12pm session are taken.

No more slots in the morning
We took the LRT back and walk to Kota Raya shopping centre which is near our hotel. Most of the shops inside are selling hps and I decided to get a haircut here since it is only RM15 ~ S$6.25. After the haircut, we went to the A&W across the road for our lunch.

Maybank headquarter


I ordered a waffle ice-cream, curly fried and root beer float. I wanted chocolate ice cream waffle but they only have strawberry ice cream waffle.

My lunch
Went back to the hotel to collect our luggage and took a rest at the hotel lobby before heading to Puduraya bus terminal at 1pm.

Inside Puduraya terminal
We found the Transnational counter here and check which platform we should board the bus. There is a staircase from the shop level leading down to the basement where the buses are located.
Staircase leading to the bus platform
Waiting to board the bus
Buses waiting for passenger to board
We board our bus and it is departing on time at 1pm. The bus interior is not as new as the one we took to KL. The seats are indicated on the bus ticket and we were seated on the 2nd last row. It is an emergency seats hence more spacious.
Inside the bus
Malayan Railway Headquarter
Istana Negara

Fall asleep on the journey back to Singapore and the bus stop for a 20min at Machap rest station. Intending to buy some food initally as I'm afraid that the Causeway would be jam but changed my mind as the food does not appeal to me.

Road block
Machap rest station
What are these people doing?

The bus reached Larkin terminal at around 6.30pm before departing for Singapore. We alighted the bus and took 170 back to Singapore. We bought the ticket to Larkin as the bus ticket directly to Singapore would cost much more. Btw for those taking 170 from Larkin to Singapore, pay the fare in RM which is cheaper than tapping your Ezlink card as the amount deducted from the Ezlink card is S$. I ask the bus driver how much it cost for the fare to Kranji and he told me $1.50 so I paid in RM which is S$0.63. There are also other passengers who pay in RM.
Luckily, there was no jam at both checkpoint and the Causeway. Diana and I parted as she took a cab from the Singapore checkpoint while I continued my bus journey to Kranji MRT station. Reached the station at around 7.30pm and YQ came to fetch me for dinner.


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