Sunday, 27 December 2009

KL trip – Epilogue

Such last minute trip is only ideal for those places that I have visited before or my travel companion is familiar with these places, otherwise it's a NO NO for me.

Although this is a last minute trip, most of the things went quite smoothly. The itinerary was decided on the last minutes but we are flexible to change it. The only regret is that we didnt visit KLCC skybridge. If it wasnt public holiday or saturday, I guess there wldnt be so many people queuing.

It must be living in Singapore for so long and we are having high expectations for everything. From their LRT single trips ticket, purchased tickets manually, spoiled LRT gate not repaired, misleading direction sign to not queueing in the washroom, there are so many things that i cant tolerate. Although we always complained about Singapore, I still feel that Singapore is the best in efficiency and effectiveness.

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