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Fraser Hill trip – 6 Mar 10

We set off 5am before the sun rises. According to google map, the journey takes about 5.5hr. Our target is to reach Fraser Hill at 11am so that we are in time for the up-going traffic at the Gap.

Clearing the Singapore and JB custom was a breeze as there were few cars so early in the morning. We head to a petrol station to pump petrol and buy a 5 litre mineral water which should be sufficient to last us for a day.

Joe drove quite fast, about 150-160km/hr and my sis was a bit scared. We reached Ayer Keroh in about 1hr+ and Nilai (KL outskirt) in about 3hr. We took a wrong route at Nilai due to my misjudgement, instead of heading to E6 at Nilai, I asked Joe to turn right and continue E2 which would link to KL. We exit at the next toll station and U-turn back. ><" Luckily, this is the sole mistake I made today.

Is this newspaper so not popular that they have resort to advertisment?

A stadium

Bored till we self shot

A tall minaret

At around 9am (after 4hr), we reached Rawang exit (Exit 116). After the Rawang expressway exit, we have to take the federal road all the way to Fraser Hill. Federal roads are trunk roads which were mainly built during the British colonial era before 1957. See Wikipedia for more informations.

I didnt know that Exit 116 means 116km from the start of the expressway. I only knew it after Joe told me and I learnt something new today. I also realised that Singapore expressway exit number represent the same thing.

Rawang exit

Rawang toll station

We have not reach Rawang yet

Graffiti on the direction board

Sky is turning cloudy

After about 40min, we reached another town - Kuala Kubu Bahru and continue our journey along the Sungai Selangor Dam. I was looking out for the water flowing into the dam but I couldnt see it from the roadside. It was quite misty as it was raining.

Sungai Selangor Dam

Rainbow bridge

Beginning of the winding road


After 30min of winding road, we reached the Gap at around 10.30am. I was feeling a bit of motion sickness by now. We parked the car at the side of the road and waited for the 11am uphill traffic. The Gap is the road leading up to Fraser Hill. It is named the Gap as it was literally a gap between the boundaries of Selangor and Pahang states.

In the past, there was a new road to Fraser Hill and the old Gap road is designated for upward traffic with no time restrictions round the clock. But the road was closed due to landslide and the traffic at Gap road were revert back to the original traffic timing.

Cars coming down from Fraser Hill

Did you notice that the gate is open for each direction for 40min? e.g. The latest timing for a vehicle to go up Jalan Gap is 7.40am, no entry is allowed after 7.40am. The remaining 20min is transit time to ensure that there are no vehicles on Jalan Gap before changing of traffic direction. There is no traffic control from 8pm - 6.40am.

Timing of the traffic direction at the Gap

Trees due for a tree cut

Map of Fraser hill

Activities at Fraser Hill

Suspension bridge

My cousin Huiping is really scared of this suspension bridge

Direction to Fraser Hill

History of Fraser Hill

At 11am, it's the traffic for uphill direction and we are the 2nd vehicle going up. There is a pink van before us and it stop at the roadside shortly to allow us to overtake. Jalan Gap is a 8km long winding road and we took about 25min to reach Fraser Hill.

Way up to Fraser HillSolar lamp

Finally after a journey of 6.5hr, we reached Fraser Hill at 11.30am. We were quite hungry as each of us only ate two pieces of bread. We decided to have our lunch first before checking in.

We reached Fraser Hill

Puncak Inn

Famous clock tower

Fraser Silverpark Resort

We wanted to have the famous laksa at Kheng Yuen Lee Restaurant and we asked the tourism booth at Puncak Inn for direction. There are no free map at the tourism booth. I brought one which was printed from the internet. Fraser Hill is really small, it can be navigate around with just a map.

We were disappointed that the shop was not open. We thought of having our lunch at Hillview Restaurant but there are people filming. We went to a public toilet opposite Hillview Restaurant which charge RM0.30 per pax.

Kheng Yuen Lee Restaurant

Hillview Restaurant

There are not many food outlet here and those that I have research are mostly closed. In the end, we had our lunch at Puncak Inn. I ordered a fish & chip which cost RM15 ~ S$6.25 and it sucks. There is a strong fish smell. The Nasi Lemak which my sis ordered is no better than mine. Joe only ordered a glass of milo and he was also turn off by the food we ordered.

No customer except us

Fish & chip

Nasi Lemak

After our horrible lunch, we drove to Silver Park Resort to check in.

Entrance to Silverpark ResortLooks a bit scary huh?

Am I in Europe?

Exterior looks a bit run downMinature of Silverpark Resort

Although I have made a reservation through phone, payment was made when checking in. The apartment key and 4 breakfast vouchers were given to us.

Checking in

LoungeLavender CafeIt's 23 degree celsiusWe stayed at the second floor apartment on the left

No lift but only staircaseThe apartment unit which we stayLiving roomBalcony


2 Bedrooms

2 Toilets - 1 with bathtub

How nice it would be to sit at the window side admiring the scenary

Paranomic view from the balcony

After settling down our belongings, we head out to explore Fraser Hill. We drove to the town near the upper gate and bought tibits and cup noodles in a provision shop.

Provision shop

The tudor houses here gives Fraser Hill the pet name - Little England. The clinic and police station were built in 1919 while post office was built in 1923.


Police station

I wanted to mail a postcard to myself but the post office was closed. =(

Post Office

This is probably the most photographed clock tower in Malaysia. It is an important landmark of Fraser Hill which greets visitors when they first arrived. This tower is made of stone and covered with elegant creeper vines.

Clock Tower

The golf course was built on a former tin mine and is the first highland golf course in Malaysia.

Golf course

Pine trees

Fraser Pine Resort

FHDC (Fraser's Hill Development Corporation)

A mosque

Shahzan Inn (white building at the top right hand side)

Istana Pelangi

Singapore House is one of the bunglow available for rent by Singaporean and PR in Fraser Hill, the other being Richmond Bungalow. Initially, I did thought of renting one of them but there is a minimum stay of 2 nights, hence I drop the idea. Among the bunglows we had seen, Singapore House and Richmond Bunglow are the better maintained ones. Most of the bunglows are privately owned by corporations and not available for rent to the public.

Singapore House

Sole primary school in Fraser Hill

Kingswood Bunglow

Richmond Bunglow

Another bunglow

Beautiful flowers

This resort is in dire need of renovation

One of the most beautiful playground I have seen

Another private property

After spenting about an hour plus exploring most of the places in Fraser Hill, we head to Jeriau waterfall which is 4km away from Fraser Hill. As we explore the places by driving, it is much faster than walking. The journey to Jeriau waterfall is ~30min drive and another 15min walk. The route to the waterfall is a downhill walk which means we have to walk uphill on the return route. Along the way, we saw rapids which eventually flow into Jeriau waterfall.

Entrance to Jeriau waterfall

Environmental friendly signboard

FlowerWhite fungusAn interesting hut top shelter

The waterfall is 6m tall and the pool is quite shallow. But the water is a bit murky hence we did not went into the pool.

Flights of stairs leading down to Jeriau waterfall

Jeriau waterfall

Next, we head to The Smokehouse for high tea. This English style cottage was built in 1924 and houses a hotel and restaurant now. Room rate is not cheap, starting from RM280+. The furniture and layout inside the interior of Smokehouse resembled a English home. Only guest and diners are allowed to take photographs inside. There is a patio where guests can have their high tea.The Smokehouse Hotel & Restaurant

Titanic posterCouching on the sofa

Interior of The Smokehouse

Grandfather clock

Getting warmth from the fireplace

Real fireplace


High tea is served daily at 3pm. The Devonshire Cream tea and 2 scones came in a set and cost RM18 ~ S$7.50. We ordered two sets, Banga and mash, Tuna sandwich, Choc Lava cake and 2 additional tea. The total damage is RM105.80 ~ S$44 which works out to be ~S$11 per pax, not expensive at all. The food is delicious especially the scones.

The restaurant also serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have read from other bloggers that having a dinner here is not cheap.


Devonshire Cream tea setYummy scones with cream, strawberry jam and butter

Bangle and mash

Tuna Sandwich

We finished everything

After our high tea, we went back to our apartment and rest. We had our bath and there is hot shower in the apartment. However, the heater needs to be turn on for some times before the water gets hot.

We saw a few monkeys climbing around. One even climb into our balcony and I got a bit scared and asked Joe to close the balcony sliding door.

Enjoying the cool breeze

We had cup noodle for dinner as we don't feel like going out for dinner. There are limited restaurants here. The TV channels here are also limited, only free to air channels.

Our drinks and tibits

We played cards game and dice game until around 10plus. I was quite tired by then and we carried the mattress to the living room to sleep as only the living room has a ceiling fan. We couldn't open the windows as there are a lot of insects flying outside.

Yellow butterfly

>>Day 2: 7 Mar 10

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