Monday, 8 March 2010

Fraser Hill trip - Epilogue

There isn't much activities at Fraser Hill, we even joked that this place is a "See and go". If the Malaysian goverment had spent on revitalising Fraser Hill, it would definitely attract more visitors. This place is really quite pathetic compared to Genting and Cameron Highland where there are public transport and choice of eateries. A visit is enough for most visitors other than omithologists (people who study birds) and lepidopterists (people who study butterflies). It can even be a day trip without staying overnight as it is only about 2hr drive from KL. Good food is a scarce here other than the Smokehouse.
I like free and easy trip as we can changed our itinerary as and when we like. Malacca was not in our itinerary and we just make an impromtu trip there. There isn't much attractions in Malacca but I would like to visit Malacca again and try the nice food here.
Malaysia is a good weekend gateaway as it is much bigger and more places of attractions compared to Singapore. Hope to organise more trips there in the future.

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