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Bandung trip – 8 Apr 12

The breakfast spread is similar to yesterday with some changes in the dishes.
 A change from dim sum to chicken cream soup
Breakfast for today

We started our day late today as factory outlets are normally open after 10am. We head to The Secret (Jalan Riau 47) which we do not have a chance to visit yet.
Angkutan (local minivan)

On the way to The Secret FO, we passed by Cihampelas (aka Jean street). It's famous for those movies characters that adorns the facade of the shops.

I managed to take photos inside The Secret secretly as photo taking is not allowed inside the factory outlet. The clothes are displayed neatly like a department store unlike those typical factory outlet.
Secret FO 
Female section
Males section
Garden in The Secret

As I have told the driver to return 3hr later, we have plenty of time for shopping. We walked to The Oasis, Branded Club, Lily & Rose and Unusual which are just down the road.
Oasis FO
 Garden in Oasis FO
Branded club FO
Lily & Rose is really a heaven for ladies. It only sell female clothing here. It's not a factory outlet but a boutique shop. I bought a T-shirt and 2 dresses here for IDR426,000 ~ S$58. I wouldnt say that the clothes here are cheap as some are quite expensive. The interior of the shop is lovely and sweet. The changing room is one of the nicest which I have ever stepped into.
Lily & Rose
Cute bunnies & Easter eggs
Changing room

It started to rain when we were inside Unusual FO. As the rain drop become smaller, we quickly walked back to The Secret and our driver is already waiting for us here.
Unusual FO

We had our lunch at Cafe Bali (Add: Jalan Riau 815) which serves western and local food. I ordered Nasi Bumbu Bali for IDR35,000 ~ S$5 which is quite tasty. Hubby ordered Tom Yum soup and commented that the soup is not bad.

Hubby took photos of the paintings at Cafe Bali and met strange encounter that night. I strongly advised not to take photos of the paintings here. 
Nasi Bumbu Bali
Tom yum soup
Group photo

After our lunch, our driver drove to Kartika Sari for us to buy souvenirs. Kartika Sari is famous for it's pisang moleh and kek lapis. There are 6 stores in Bandung: Jl Kebon Jukut 3C, Jl Buah Batu 165A, Jl H. Akbar, Jl Kopo Sayati 111A, Jl Terusan Jakarta 77E, Jl Ir. H. Juanda (Dago). Opening hours: 7am – 9pm. I bought individual pieces of kek lapis only.
Kartika Sari

Then we head to Amanda which is famous for brownies. Add: Cabang ke 6, Jl Ir. H. Juanda (Dago) 167. Opening hours: 9am – 9pm. I bought a box of original flavour brownies which cost IDR24,000 ~ S$3.30. Forumers commented that the brownies are addictive but cant be kept for more than 3 days. I find the brownie normal only.
Amanda brownies
We still have another 1.5hr before our massage session so I asked the driver to drive us to Jalan Dago FO. I have read in forum that FO in Jl Dago is the most expensive among the 3 FO streets. We went to 2 FO which are Grande (Jl Dago 118) and Central (Jl Dago 122). I bought a dress for hubby's niece and a Burberry coat for myself from Grande.
Grande FO

We had foot massage today and 3 of us chose the Foot Reflex Therapy which includes pressing of the foot using specific thumb and finger technique. It's painful when the masseur pressed against the bottom of my foot.

After our massage, we had dinner at The Stone Cafe (Add: Jalan Rancakendal Luhur No. 5) which was recommended by our driver. He told me that the Valley is more expensive when I planned to have dinner there. The driver pronounced the The Stone Cafe as The Stone Carpet and my doubt was only clarified when I reached The Stone Cafe.

It was drizzling when we reached and the waiters use the umbrella to shelter us to our seats. A waiter asked us whether we preferred sitting on the chair or on the floor. We chose the chair initially but after seeing the hut, we chose to sit on the floor.
Stone Cafe main building
Inside the main building
 Live band corner
Most customer prefer the huts hence no one was sitting here
It's so romantic at night

We were guided to a hut which can accommodate 6 of us. The waiter left the menu and inform us that there is a bell which is hidden behind the curtain for us to press when we want to order the food. The hut is dimly lighted and there is a candle on the table. Hubby went to explore the surrounding while I stayed at the hut.
Night view of Bandung

We ordered quite a lot of food since it's our last dinner in Bandung. I ordered lime mint ice tea which is very refreshing. We share spicy prawn bruschet, sate ayam and Chicken and salami pizza on top of the main dish each of us had ordered. For the main dish, I ordered salmon for myself and grilled bratwurst for hubby. The dishes are not bad and the ambiance round it up. The meal after adding service charge and taxes came up to IDR789,000 ~ S$109 for 6 person which is not expensive.
Dishes which we ordered

After we finished our meal, we idled at the hut to enjoy the cool breeze and fresh air. The temperature is chilling due to the rain. We left The Stone Cafe with a heavy heart and return to the hotel.
Hubby's vs my shopping's loot

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