Monday, 9 April 2012

Bandung trip – 9 Apr 12

As today is a weekday, there are not as many guests as yesterday and the day before. B cafe is quite empty and we sat indoor. 
Breakfast for today

We left the hotel for the airport at around 9am and reach the airport within half an hour.
Our driver

We proceed to check in and all of our luggage have to be checked in even though some of them didnt purchase check-in baggage. Luckily, we have spare luggage weight left and Hubby's luggage was checked in under my name while Luxiang's backpack was checked in under Chew Hiang's name.
The first time I saw chandelier in the airport

Departure airport tax of IDR75,000 ~ S$11 is required to be paid before clearing the immigration. The counter is located at the opposite corner of the international immigration counter.
Airport tax counter

Surprisingly, there are 3 desktop available for use at the departure hall and WIFI is also available here.
Free WIFI and computer usage area
Airport lounge

There is a water dispenser inside the right hand corner of the flight waiting area. WIFI access is also available here but not at the main waiting area. It's remarkable that I can find these service inside Bandung's airport.
Water dispenser
Flight waiting area

The plane was slightly delayed.  We have to brace ourselves under the hot sun to walk across the tarmac to board the plane.
Military plane

Shortly after the plane cruised to a safety level, in-flight meals were served. As we have purchased the meals online, we have priority over those who purchased on-board. I ordered the roasted chicken thigh for hubby which I have eaten before and chicken satay for myself. The chicken satay is yummy and will be added to my list of nice in-flight meal.
Roast Chicken Thigh with BBQ Sauce
Chicken satay

We reached Singapore at 2pm and took a cab home as hubby have too many bags.

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