Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Bandung trip – Epilogue

If Bangkok, Taipei and Seoul are woman's favorite shopping destination then Bandung is guy's favourite shopping destination. This sentiment is echo by hubby too. Hubby bought more clothes than me during this trip and he bought at least something from every FO we went to. I cant imagine if we went to all the FO.

I guessed locals or Malays may find more clothes to their likings as the sizes and variety are more suitable for them. The material of the clothes are better compared to Bangkok but the variety is only so-so.

It's a different story for guys as the variety for men are more or less the same, ranging from Polo Tees to shorts and trousers.

The best FO is Rumah Mode because there is just something for everyone. The quality of the clothes sold in Rumah Mode is also better. If you can't buy anything from Rumah Mode, forget about other FO. It is not surprising that Rumah Mode is the most crowded FO. Other FO which I have went to and worth a visit are Heritage, Secret and Grande.

I'm not really pleased with the car rental service. I highlighted in my email that I requested an English speaking driver, yet the driver assign to us can't understand nor communicate in simple English. Luckily I have my itinerary on hand, hence we show it to the driver where we want to go but we modified it on the spot and this resulted in difficulty in communicating with the driver. Mulia car rental also collected their payment upfront, we were a bit worried initially as the driver rental I engage elsewhere is paid at the end of the service. When I was doing research, forumers mentioned that this is the practice of Mulia car rental but I'm still skeptical about this arrangement. Although the driver can't speak English well, he's service is not bad other than being late on the first day to pick us from the airport. On our last day, he recommend us to The Stone Cafe which has a nice view of Bandung and the pricing is reasonable.

I have researched on the food hence our meals for this trip are considered not bad. Pricing wise is average for the restaurants which we went to. I will choose Pak Chet Met for the best meal we have in Bandung and The Stone Cafe for the ambience.

Hubby definitely would return to Bandung as he mention that he would visit Bandung for his annual shopping trip! As for me, I may return again to visit Kawah Putih and watch Angklung performance but definitely not a pure shopping trip.

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