Monday, 2 July 2012

Taipei trip – 2 Jul 12

We shopped at Taiwan main station underground shopping mall before heading to Taipei 101 area.
Huge helmet
Variety of crepe cakes
Crepe cake

This is my second time taking photos of Taipei 101 and yet I never went to the observatory deck before. 
Taipei 101

We had lunch at Coffee alley again but at ATT 4 FUN branch which is near Taipei 101.
Coffee drippers

The toilet at ATT 4 FUN is unique! It's one of those special toilet which I have ever stepped in.
This is a toilet cubicle door knob!
The wall paper looks confusing

After lunch, we took subway to Jiantan station for shopping. On the way to the subway, I saw few unique buildings.
 Unique facade
This building resemble a medieval building

Shilin night market has shifted but there are shops along the street near Jiantan station.
Tokyo fashion has a store at Shilin
Four eyes bunny

We left Jiantan after shopping for 3hours and head to Dazzling Cafe for dinner.

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