Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Bangkok & Hua Hin trip – Epilogue

Among all the capital of South East Asia countries which I visited so far, Bangkok is the most exciting destination. It's a place which you wouldnt get tired no matter how many times you have visited. In Bangkok alone, there are so many places which I have yet to visit such as Bangkok forensic museum, Ancient Siam Park (Muang Boran Ancient City) etc. Further away from Bangkok are Mae Klong railway market, Nakhon Pathom & Kanchanaburi etc. 

Bangkok is just 2.5hr away from Singapore and there are so many budget airlines serving this route hence there is a choice of flight. I may return for a shopping weekend getaway if there is cheap air ticket.

It's a relieved that we managed to catch the return flight otherwise it's a hassle to rebook the flight and accommodation. Moreover this is the peak season and we definitely have to fork out at least twice the fare we purchased. It's seems that Bangkok trip is always full of surprises.

One thing which I realised is that the accessories sold at Platinium mall level 6 is not as unique as the one in Seoul. The variety is also getting lesser. I remembered that I bought quite a few necklaces when I shopped at Platinium mall previously.

Bangkok I will be back again!

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