Sunday, 2 March 2014

Taiwan trip – 2 Mar 14

We stayed in the hotel room until check out time. Then we board the bus to Taoyuan airport at the Kuo Kuan Bus Terminal which is 5min walk from the hotel. There were many people queuing but we did not waited long for the next bus as the bus frequency is 15-20min.
Kuo Kuang Bus Terminal

There was no traffic jam and we reached the airport in an hour's time. We proceed to check in so that we will have sufficient time at the lounge.
Taoyuan Airport Terminal 1
Souvenir shops

We utilised the priority pass at The More Lounge. The lounge looks very grand with those Victorian chairs. As usual, we had our meals at the lounge before boarding the plane. Hubby went to check out the massage chairs and he commented that the massage chair is not good at all. I tried and feel the same. Well, the massage chairs are not Osim or Otto brand hence how can this be compare to the one at Changi airport.
Airport Lounge
Victorian style chairs
Mini golf course
Massage chair

The food variety spread is Taiwanese style which consist of buns and porridge etc. There is a ice cream corner and of cos I have helped myself with one cup. =p 
Steamed buns
Porridge side dishes
Ice cream

We left the lounge and proceed to the boarding gate when it's time to board the plane. The transit hall also underwent renovation and the whole airport looks more modern and brighter now.
Walking to boarding gate
Prayer rooms
Power socket
Water dispenser machine
Boarding gate area decoration

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