Friday, 31 December 2010

Bangkok trip – 31 Dec 10

Today is our second last day in Bangkok. As my left foot has not fully recovered, I wasnt keen to go out. It was almost until noon time that I asked YQ whether he wanted to stay in the hotel for the whole day or not. YQ wanted to go out but due to my foot, he didnt voice out. Well, since tomorrow we will be returning back to Singapore and I could walk for some distance now, I decided not to disappoint YQ.

We took BTS to Chit Lom station and from there I thought that we could walked to Pratunam. But it seems that we are walking towards the wrong direction and are walking too far. We decided to take a cab and told the taxi driver "Kaiton". (Kaiton is chicken rice in thai) We wanted have our lunch at the famous chicken rice stall but the driver doesnt seem to understand and he drop us somewhere which is quite far away. The taxi driver didnt charge us when we alight and he seems to tell us to cross the overhead bridge to take a cab. We waited for some time before we managed to flag a cab as some cabs dont even stop when we are flagging.

The taxi driver drop us at Pratunam market and we crossed the road to the Kaiton stall which is opposite Pratunam center. We wanted to try the Kaiton stall where the staff weat pink T-shirt but it was closed. We saw another Kaiton stall where the staff wear green T-shirt. Address Pratunam intersection (Thanon Petchaburi and Thanon Ratchadamri streets)
 Chicken rice shop
Is it a must eat on Pratunam Road?

We ordered 2 plates of small chicken rice (THB30 ~ S$1.30) and satay (THB40 ~ S$1.70). The chicken rice is really very little, for those big appetitie eater, it's better to order 2 plates. I prefer our local chicken rice as the chicken here is a bit dry. Only the chilli is shiok.

 Chicken rice
Chicken satay

After our lunch, we went to Platinium mall to shop. We started from Platinium Fashion Mall 2 then continue at Mall 1.
Pratunam area
Different zone level
 Shops in Platinium mall
Colourful moccasin
 Coffee, tea or sugar?
Anyone interested in the spikes bagpack?
Snowwoman in bikini?

There are not many shops in Platinium Shopping Mall 2 and we left after an hour. We went to the Platinium Shopping beside it and was awed by the shops here. There are hundreds of shops and it's so crowded here. Platinium Shopping Mall 2 pale in comparision.
Look at the crowds
My new croc slipper
Tiger hat

We only manage to shop from the top floor level 6 to level 4. Level 6 is mainly accessories shop and there is one level which is mainly men's clothes (either level 3 or 4). By then, it's already 7pm and the shops are starting to close down. We left and took a cab back to our hotel. As it's New Year eve, the cab driver quote us THB150 and do not want to turn on the meter. YQ bargain to THB100 which I still find it expensive.

We decided to have our dinner nearby and in the end settle for A&W. It was quite empty inside as most should be going for countdown celebration. After our meal, we return back to the hotel as my foot becomes a bit swollen. 

Our dinner

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