Sunday, 23 January 2011

Batam Harris Resort trip – 23 Jan 10

We woke up at around 8am as we are having our massage at 9am. When we reached Harris cafe, it was crowded and we shared a table with another couple. We had a light breakfast since we have a massage session later.
 Harris cafe
Breakfast variety
Queueing for eggs

We waited at the reception area before our masseurs guide us to the couple room. The masseurs are not good at all cos at one point, my masseur keep repeating to massage my hair. Luckily, the complimentary 1hr Indonesia massage was included in our package. I wouldnt pay S$50 for such lousy massage.
H spa reception area
Ginger tea
Couple room where we had our massage

After our massage, we went back to our room to bath. We felt uncomfortable as the masseur applied body oil on us when massaging. We took a short nap before we check out at 12pm.
I like this red couch

We ordered Inferno pizza for our lunch at Harris cafe. The pizza was served almost 1/2hr later and when we noticed that we were served Hawaiian pizza, we informed the waiter about the error. There is a couple who was sitting at a table beside us and yet their pizza was not served after almost 1hr and the lady got very fed up and complained. We realised that actually they ordered Hawaiian pizza so I guessed the waiter messed up the table no.
Pizza for lunch

We board the shuttle bus to Waterfront ferry terminal and as the counter for paying the terminal fee is not yet open, we spent our time idling at the shops. I bought a magnum ice cream since it only cost S$2.50 here. 

Shops at Waterfront terminal
Savouring Magnum ice cream
Dayview of Delima restaurant

We had to pay $6 per pax for the Waterfront ferry terminal charge at the 2nd floor before we enter the immigration area. After we cleared the immigration area, we had to walk down 2 storey of stairs before we can reach the ferry berth to board the ferry.

The ferry departs at 2pm (GMT +7) and reached Sekupang ferry terminal after 1/2hr. It stopped at Sekupang for the passengers to board.
Stopping over at Sekupang ferry terminal
On the way back to Singapore
Singapore skyline

After 1hr, we reached Singapore and went to Vivocity to watch Shaolin before we go home.

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