Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Koh Samui trip – 3 Jan 12

It has been raining consecutively for 3 days. =( I would try out different food from the kitchen every morning and I ordered yogurt today. The yogurt served is plain yogurt hence it's a bit plain to my taste. There is satay served at the buffet spread every morning and is tasty.

After our breakfast, we went to the reception and asked her to help us enquire if the treetop cable is open today. To our disappointment, it's closed. She help us to enquire Canopy Adventures which offer similar activity. It cost THB1,900 ~ S$80 including hotel transfer. We do not have any options for other activities hence we agreed to book with Canopy Adventures. They would pick us up at the hotel at 10am and we return to our room for a rest.

The driver picked us up and then another couple on the way to the destination. The last 20min to the destination is very bumpy as the road is very muddy. When we reached the destination, we still have to climb a flight of stairs and walk for about 5min before we reached Canopy Adventures.
 Flight of stairs
Canopy Adventures

The instructors helped us to wear the harness and each of us is given a pair of leather gloves. We were also asked to sign an indemnity letter before we are allowed to start the activity. Insect repellent is provided as the mosquitoes are huge as I was bitten by quite a number of mosquitoes.
Indemnity form
Getting ready

We have to trek for about 10 minutes before we reached the zipwire starting point and I was so tired and panting as the path is not easy. Before we start the flying fox, we were given a short training by the instructors. Because of my height, I have some difficulties in jumping to get hooked onto the zipwire. ><"
Practicing session

There are about 7 - 8 zipwires in the whole course and took us about 20 minutes to finish it. It was raining quite heavily and we were drenched! I dropped my slipper at the 2nd zipwire but the instructors were very helpful as they helped me to retrieve my slipper. 
One, two, three... Go
I dropped my slipper
We are drenched

Our instructor
My slipper!

The heavy rain didnt damper our fun and enjoyment.  At noon, the driver drove us back to the hotel. We wanted to have a quick bath and to our surprise, there is water and electricity shortage. 0_0" We asked the reception when it would be resumes and she also had no idea. As we still have 3 bottles of 1.5l mineral water, we used this to bath. The water and electricity resumes after we finished bathing, arhz ......

We were famished after our bath and we were considering what to have for lunch. We walked along the Chaweng beach road and we settled for The Orchid Restaurant. We ordered 3 dishes - seafood salad, pineapple fried rice and pork curry. We waited for almost 30min for the dishes to be served and yet the food is the worst meal we had in Koh Samui.

I discovered that my camera became foggy as the photos turns out to be blur. It's likely because  the instructor use our camera to help us take photos at the forest canopy just now. I have no choice but to use my iphone camera.
The Orchid Restaurant

We strolled back to the hotel for a nap before heading out for massage at around 4pm. We decided to try out different massage parlour since "My friends massage" branch near Pandora hotel is full and the other branches are quite far in terms of walking distance.
Hospital along Chaweng Road
Messy cables
Colourful letterbox

We decided to try out Hi Class Spa. The massage is average and I disliked the masseur applying those aromatherapy oil on my body.
Hi class spa

Initially, we intend to have dinner at Vecchia Napoli which was recommended when I was doing research but the restaurant turns out to be empty. Hence we changed our mind and had dinner at The Rice restaurant. There is complimentary bread served as appetiser. We ordered a glass of sparkling wine, truffle ravioli and 4 season pizza which cost THB1,424 ~ S$60. This meal is a bit on the high side but the food are nice. The truffle ravioli is excellent as the truffle brings out the flavour of the ravioli. Hubby likes the ravioli alot. The pizza is not bad and I love the ham portion. 

Rice restaurant
This is for us to collect our umbrella
Yummy dinner

After our dinner, hubby wanted to go "My friends massage" for massage again as he was not satisfied with the massage this afternoon. We went for an hour head and shoulder massage and hubby was very satisfied after that.

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